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Locked power ups

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Posted Nov 17, '08 at 1:57pm



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I'm logged in, and playing GemCraft. I have gotten to the point where I could get some upgrades due to leveling. However, a few of the choices are blocked out. I can click on them (as they say "Available at Armor Games"), but that just opens a new link to the AG home page.

Is there anything I can do, or that can be done?


Posted Nov 17, '08 at 4:06pm



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Were you playing GemCraft AT ArmorGames exactly, or was it in another site? I could help with anything else, since I'm pretty good at the game, but all the power ups were available to me when I got to that point. It would be perfect though if this thread was in the flash games forum though, since everyone would want to read about it there. =)