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A traditional, house-hold favorite of my clan's forum games, the up, side, down, game. Here are the rules:

Rule #1:

^ = Answering someone's question

< = What you are currently doing now, or what you have done recently

V = Your very own question that the user below you will answer

Rule #2: Do NOT post "also" questions! This means that: e.g. You are
drinking a glass of tea, so you would ask the question,
"also drinking tea?" This is a giant no-no among my people.
Be creative!

Rule #3: This is not a truth-or-dare game! Do not post questions that
will make the user uncomfortable, such as sexual questions,
or those that the below user deems inappropriate. So don't
ask these questions please.

Rule #4: Of course, do not flame, spam, or abuse. Typical
rule in every thread.

Since I'm the starter, I cannot ask a question, so...

<: Posting this thread

V: Are you going to watch the new movie Twilight at 12:00 AM, or when
the crowd is smaller?

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