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Any guides that you have to offer, please, place them here.
If you don't have any in mind, here are a few things that need to get spread around:
-Spam Guide
-Code Guide
-AP Guide

SO, here is my contribution to this thread:

The Paragraph Guide-

So, for those people whom like to write long reviews, and are ailed by the fact that they can't use the tab button. Then I have a simple solution! The tab button is merely there just as a shortcut for the 5 spaces it represents. So instead of not tabbing your new paragraphs, hit the space button 5 times to start a new paragraph.
And users, you can also do marks, like these (-,+,_,*) To completely underline/ separate paragraphs.


So if you need to separate your paragraphs, feel free to use that underline above.

Also there are a lot of misinterpretations about these three "dots" . . .
They are not used in these ways:
1) ...
3). ..
4).. ..
etc. [blah blah blah]

They are used, spaced apart. So like this-
. . .

And their actual name is ellipsis.
Formed by the original greek word; elleipein which means "Leave out"

And that is it for me, but feel free to add any suggestions/ guides.

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