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corrupt a wish

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Posted Nov 26, '08 at 2:58am



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***This is not my game, i did not make it, it is from another forum that I have visited***

This is how you play:

someone wishes for something you grant the wish but corrupt it or give (a) consequence(s) to it.

I'll start: I wish for bloons TD 4


Posted Nov 26, '08 at 6:49am



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There's already a thread like this!!! you should really be more observant noobs like you just keep on spamming our Forums with games that already EXIST!!!


Posted Nov 26, '08 at 7:32am



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Riou1231, calm down. Now slymple, I know that you may be eager to start a thread, but if you haven't read the forum rules, please do so, this thread will be considered spam and a moderator will soon lock it.
Before you are about to start a thread, look at the rules and see which games there are first. Riou1231, I know you're trying to tell him, but please don't say things like that, a moderator might actually delete an offensive post.