If you like the flash game 'draw play 3', then join The Draw Play 3 Club!!

Needs members, club just started.
Just comment either on my profile or dinoman979's profile if you want to join!

Clan Leader(dinoman979)
1.Legendary Artist-500 points
2.Great Artist-450 points
3.Good Artist-400 points
4.Artist-350 points
5.Co-artist-300 points
6.Great Drawer-250 points
7.Good Drawer-200 points
8.Drawer-150 points
9.Map Maker-100 points
10.Noobie-50 points
Starter-0 points

Dinoman979-Clan Leader

Need more members!

How to get points: To get points you must make the best maps possible and you will get points 1-25 good - bad.

Positions open:

Bring in your best map and you may take the postion as Assistant!

Join now, we need more members!