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Nightmares of Leia Ray(full walktrough)

Posted Mar 13, '08 at 10:14am



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- click on note and and click on D E A D.
- click on hand 3 times
- click on note
- click on man
- wait till the screen goes white
- click on the 3 broken glass on the floor and then the vase
- click on the the right.
- look up there is a hand click the hand it will fall
- click body.
- click the hands in the right order that it shows you but fast.
- click dead body
- wait till the cutscene is over
- click mans hand
- wait for the cutscene to end
- click ball
- pass the ball 4 times to the boy
- click right and then you done


Posted Mar 13, '08 at 10:48am



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ty it helps me a lot

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