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This was taken directly from Devoiless's Profile.

"Asherlee says:

Posted at 11:46am on 3/13/2008

Oh, I'm just an a.sshole all the time. No particular event has spurred that. Just sayin'

Asherlee says:

Posted at 5:28pm on 3/12/2008

haha, I'm such an a.sshat"

I am offended by the obvious and blatant attempt to bypass the filter by the moderation team.

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I believe that all of our moderators are impartial and fair. You must remember that all of the moderators were hand picked by Dan, the creator of this site.

As what would happen with any other member, they would get a warning, and the comments would be flagged.

I do not see why this warrants an entire forum post, unless you are trying to start controversy. I would recommend that if you have a problem with another user, be it moderator or not, that you speak to them directly about it. As with other threads that specifically attack other members of the community, as this one does, it will be locked for now.

And like I said, if you personally have an issue with a member, please bring it up with them. Do not make an entire topic about it.


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As Carlie said, you should come to me directly if you have an issue. I doubt seriously that you were offended.

Now, that you have made an entire thread about it, anyone that is too young to see that word will now see it.

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