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Posted Mar 16, '08 at 4:54pm



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Tuna, I see what you mean. I've had some predictions like that and it amazes me. Surely, we can come up with an explanation. There are plenty of intelligent people here. Maybe the predictions were kind of generic. You know things that most everyone goes through?


Posted Mar 16, '08 at 6:08pm



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All of the predictions for astrology and the such are nothing more than generalized. Make a prediction that can be applied to almost any situation, and there you go! Instant answers for anyone.


Posted Mar 16, '08 at 11:24pm



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Yes, but some of the things from my a-n-a-l-y-s-i-s:

"you will be musically oriented"
I make music for a living.

"you will live near water"
I live in the pacific northwest, there is always water here

"puzzles will intrigue you, you will be good with numbers"
They do, and I am.

now these ones are a little weird,

"later in life you will develop an interest in the metaphysical"
hmm, I'll wait and see...

"your dreams will be extremely vivid"
I get lucid dreams very often.

It's just... freaky. I don't believe in it, but you can't argue with the results, WHICH ARE IN NO WAY GENERIC. Can any of those above quotes, which came directly from my a-n-a-l-y-s-i-s be aplied to every person? I answer with a resounding NO.