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Butt Ugly Martians

Posted Mar 16, '08 at 12:24pm



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Whatever, there was 2 of them and they were angry. And funny.


Posted Mar 16, '08 at 12:35pm



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Yeah, they were halerious. I figured out why that show got cancelled. Here read this,

The final straw was when the developers of the show came up with what was to be its final episode, titled "Bye Bye Beavers." The plot consisted of Norbert being told that he's part of a TV series that has been canceled, and that he has to convince Daggett that they were not real, only cartoon characters.

According to Micah Wright, a staffer who wrote several of the episodes for the show, Nickelodeon rejected this episode, as it ridiculed the company's practice of profiting off re-runs instead of new episodes. This episode also disobeyed a rule Nickelodeon imposed on its shows: never point out that the show has ended.

Bye Bye Beavers was never aired and after reviewing the episode, Nickelodeon canceled the series.


Posted Mar 16, '08 at 12:38pm



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ya i rember the martians and the beavers


Posted Apr 9, '08 at 3:49pm



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butt ugly martians the best show of my childhood.

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