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How do I esily get alot of points?

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Posted Mar 13, '09 at 3:03pm



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Besides commenting.


Posted Mar 13, '09 at 3:08pm



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well the idea is that you don't want to go out of your way to get AP.You just gain it from being active over time.The best way to get AP fast is to spam and that will most likely get you banned,so I would advise you not to try that.The only other option is to get on alot,and stay active.


Posted Mar 13, '09 at 3:11pm



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rate games!


Posted Mar 13, '09 at 3:12pm



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rating games is the best way if your one of those noobs who just want ap to get high ranks, problem with that is everyone will want to call you a lifeless loser and spam your profile, but commenting every game wont get you that high, spamming comments will get you banned or they will get deleted.

i suggest just be active.


Posted Mar 15, '09 at 11:29am



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Just be active.

And please don't care so much about getting a lot of points. They pile up on their own if you're just active.

Do not rate games you haven't played.
Put some effort into your game comments.

I know quite a few AP gain tricks, but since they're things I'd have to scold you for doing, I won't tell.