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Creationism, Darwinism, or in between?

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So, I didn't see any threads on this topic. If I'm just blind, lock it and redirect me, plx.

What's your stance? Give any reasoning or sources you have behind your logic. "Darwinism cuz its sience!!1" or "creashunizm cuz its god!1!" aren't good contributions to the discussion, and I MAY be forced to slap you with a large trout (IRC joke).

What's my stance? I'm in between. God created the universe, but the 7 days thing is very symbolic. There's even somewhere where it says that our time is not God's time. I need to find that verse, may post it when I do. But if you read it, it makes sense - the order of it all. Both scientists and religious advocates agree on what came in which order. Mostly. But could evolution simply be HOW God did it? Could he not have crafted us out of billions of years of work? I think this to be true. God did it. Regardless of how it happened, God did it.


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Please see:




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Well, god created us in his own image, so yeah he probably took a long time to make sure he got us just right. I do think we did evolve some, but definitely not from monkeys, or fish.