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She's not actually me, but I wish she was.

I don't have images. But MattEmAngel is drawing one for me.


Alias: Marsk
Age: Ageless
Gender: Female
Species: Part human, part angel


Very very beautiful

Height: 5 foot 8
Mass: Nobody has the courage to ask
Build: Tall and slender
Long, floor-length red hair, usually left hanging but sometimes tied back for ease of movement(in dangerous situations)
Emerald-green eyes
White(white white)skin
Silver wings with deep purplish-red edges
Diamond in her forehead

Personal effects:

Clothes: Main clothing outfit is a trailing silvery dress with colorful ribbons hanging from the sleeves. It is unknown if she wears shoes, as her dress is too long to tell.

A silver pendant with a purplish-red sapphire inside it, shaped like a cross between a lightning bolt and a hurricane symbol, kind of like a wispy 'S'.
A gold belt with same 'S's' in silver
A gold-hilted sword with a purplish-red sapphire pommel stone, with a blade made of pure silvery light.
A Bible that she always carries in a hidden pocket


Personality: Kind, compassionate and sweet, loving unless you are evil, always helping and sacrificing.
Likes: Jesus, the Bible, Kindness, Good, Compassion, Friends, etc.
Dislikes: Satan, Evil, Rudeness, Mean people, Enemies, Death(but it is sometimes necessary)
She is immortal from an incident in her childhood--see below.
She was born unable to speak, which caused her a lot of torment, but now she can(same incident).
She can't stand seeing anyone mistreated.


Occupation: None
Hobbies: Helping others, being kind, fighting evil
Accommodation: Wherever she's needed
Backstory: She was born dumb(see above) and she ran away from home, but was captured by some bad men who mistreated her, and they died but because she was innocent, she was brought back to life and given immortality, so now she is a beautiful young woman who is always helping others and fighting against the wickedness in the world.