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[OFFICIAL] AG Characters

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Alias: Estel/Esteltree
Age: Thousands of years. This being is of the old and new ages.
Sex: Male....sometimes unknown :P
Species: Manly Man/The Transforming Dryads of the North

Height: Varies with each form. Estel as a manly man is about 5'11", but Esteltree can change size at will.
Weight: Estel is around 185 pounds, but Esteltree can reach several thousand pounds.
Build: Estel is very muscular, but has a bit of a gut as well. Esteltree is....woody.

*Long blonde hair that flows in the wind.
*The ability to change appendages into branches at will.
*A guitar strapped to his back. This guitar is his ban axe which is one of his ways to ban the spammerz.
*A light goatee for extra manliness
*A tree trunk for the base of the body.
*A moustache that makes it happy (:
*A long woody d.....

Clothing: Estel usually wears some Nike shorts with a cutoff shirt while off-duty. While on duty, Estel wears his lucky headband to soak up his sweat of justice, a pair of worn jeans and his black battle armor which is also old, but still very strong. Esteltree is completely naked (as naked as a tree can be :P) but is protected by his thick bark.

Personality: Estel is a quiet minion in the world. He is mostly calm, but when there is conflict, his rage builds to a dangerous height. He sometimes acts without thinking, but does not care how he get to the goal as long is the goal is reached.
Likes: Estel loves music. He was raised and taught music at a young age. Estel also likes to roam the woods by himself. He is used to the lonliness for it is nothing new to him. In the woods, he usually works out by running through the brush and lifting trees from the ground. You'd be surprised how much it works :P
Dislikes: Estel has a great dislike for posers and spammers. If either meet up with Estel, you are guaranteed a banaxe to the face.
*Estel can change to a tree at will.
*In his different forms his personality does not change, just his appearance.
*Has a great temper.

Occupation: Moderator and musician.
Hobbies: Debating, playing guitar and working out. Estel is also a fan of sports such as football and soccer.
Accomodation: Estel usually changes into Esteltree and uses that as cover while he sleeps.
Back Story: Estel was raised by his clan in the North. His parents were bad Dryads. They were banished and were not allowed any contact with Estel. At age 10, he left the clan to wonder at will. He later found the land of AG which he loves and is accepted.


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Animation tiem:

Note: Don not post any animations in an attempt to answer it. And that applies to you too Mr. Since beta

Name: Randy, given by his good friend ulimitedpower.

Age: 14

Sex: Doesn't do i.... oh wait the gender. Riiiight. Male.

Species: Stick figure.

Physical attributes: Lets just say Randy can transform in everything he wishes. With that power comes the weaknesses. For example if he transforms into an ant, he could be easily crushed. If he transforms into spam, he could be banned or eaten.
And whenever he transforms into something, it consumes energy. It depends on what he transforms.

Big (size) things= 50% energy
Small (size) things= 25% energy.
Medium (size) things=10% energy

His energy bar has a total of 100%

And one last thing, Randy has a triangle shaped birth mark in his back.

Height: 150cm, and most likelyto stay with 150cm forever due to personal reasons.

Mass: Depends on what he transforms

Build: Depends on what he transforms

Features: Depends on what he transforms.

Personal effects:

Clothing: Doesn't wear any. But he isn't naked. (Lolz)

Accessories: A stick. A crow bar,depends on what he's doing.


Personality: Friendly, joker, a bit depressed.

Likes: Everyone who doesn't mess with him, friendly people, food (pizza), music(rock) and GH3.

Hobbies: Playing GH3, eating, sleeping, hanging out with friends.

Accomodation: He sleeps, eats etc... everywhere. He has no permanent house.

Backstory: When Randy signed up in ArmorGames, he was a lonely kid, who had no clue on what to do. Helped by several AGamers, he built his way up trough the ranks, and now has a good reputation (or so he thinks) and he's always trying to improve himself, and help AG.


Stroplolly, if the reference sheet posted above doesn't please you, contact me.


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And has usual, a double post to edit the previous post.

Here's the real image, ignore the red dots.


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Name: Hojoko
Defining Attributes: Quiet. Withdrawn. Likes to listen rather than speak. Prefers to be alone. Afraid of the dark. Loves music. Plays a ghostly Bass Guitar (I just really like this instrument) and brings it with him wherever he goes. Does not connect well with people. Likes to talk in short sentences and monosyllabic words. Wears a bored expression, unless playing music. Lives near the tavern, and is comforted by the constant light and noise coming from it. Bad Temper, rude. Hangs out in the Tavern and the Plaza. Grade A lurker. Enjoys writing, but has can't always form his words correctly. Transparent.
Physical Attributes:
Height: 172 CM
Weight: 100 pounds (a mostly tangible ghost)
Age: 14
Face:Red eyes, Slightly upturned nose, short straight hair.
Build: Skinny, weak
Clothing: None. Bottom half tapers off into nothingness in the normal ghostly fashion.
Hobbies: Playing music, lurking, debating.
Likes: Whatever he feels like at the time.
Background: Born the youngest of three, with an older sister and an even older brother, young Hojoko soon escaped into the world of games. At the age of eleven, he found a wonderful place called Games of Gondor, and took his brother to play there. Eventually Games of Gondor evolved into a small town. Seeing this opportunity, Hojoko moved there with his brother. He immediately took to the Atrium and Plaza, debating wildly with anyone who felt like it. This young being began a slow, very slow, but steady rise. He watched as many joined. He watched his friends rise and rise, passing him. He watched a certain Ninja pony come out of obscureness into the light of fame. He watched as Armor Village became Armor City. He just watched. And he kept on watching, even as his friends fell, and moved, even as his brother left him. But Hojoko stayed, hoping, just hoping something would happen. He became a ghost, always watching, always waiting. And then the call for a new moderator went out, and he began to hope....


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I don't have any accurate drawings, but I thought about it and the way this character looks is a bit similar to Altair from Assassins Creed...except with darker clothing, so he would look something like this, except the belt would be replaced with a much thinner one...

Note: The following is a copied version of the original ref I sent Strop with a few minor changes to fit the specifications we agreed upon.




Height: 5' 11"


Features:Eye Color is Crimson like the sword he carries, and he is fairly pale from lack of Sunlight.

Clothingark Clothes, Hooded, and a belt with a holster for his rarely used blade

Personality:In reality fairly Anti-social, preferring to stick with the people he knows, and to not trust people till they have proven they can be trusted. Traveling through the Armorlands at times, but a majority of the time staying close to the Imaginarium, and Aristocrat Way, going over to Profile Lane only when invited, and when he see's fit also will take part in debates, or has taken a break at the Tavern when he hears something interesting being discussed in the busy pub. Throughout all of this he likes gaining info alot of the time for personal gain, such as knowing what someone is referencing to, or to use it to help people within the Armorlands if even quietly within the most impoverished of accommodations in Profile Lane to answer the questions of the AP deprived, and those who are simply ignorant of what to do within the ArmorLands governing state.

Likes: Maturity, Order, The Imaginarium, Moderator Powers, Authority, Tricks to transverse through the Armorlands in ways that have not been done before(in other words URL Tricks are Awesome), The Information Centre that allows him to enlighten the immigrants from other lands(such as Kongregate) as well as the citizens who are ignorant of some things concerning the way the government runs itself(though it is rare that he will travel into this area unless the Imaginirium is uneventful) Other then all of that he also likes making jokes about Bell Peppers for some odd reason.

Dislikes: Hypocrites, Spammers, anyone under the age of 14 who does not know how to act mature, cooked vegetables, poorly cooked meat, noobs(AKA don't want to be enlightened about the rules and regulations of the Armorlands) Trolls, Hardcore Flamers, not understanding what people are talking about, people misinterpreting what he says much of the time, as well as some lack of reform within the Armorlands because of politics getting in the way.

Occupation:He will typically be seen doing odd jobs, most of the time shotty art for one of the Great Competitions that is held in the Imaginarium(seeing as how the Amphitheater is not used to hold these competitions, and nothing else has been made to do so) At other times he can be seen working at the Info Centre, and has once or twice even been seen at the Armor College(Though I Believe that Armor Academy would be more fitting) trying to do whatever volunteer work he can when nothing else is going on. A Majority of the time his occupation tends to be whatever odd job he can find.

Accommodations: While he claims to live in the Internet, USA, his location within the Armorlands is actually within the Aristocrats Way, hoping to someday live in the Pavilion near the Armor Castle, but is not concerned with reaching this goal immediately.

Background Story: Keeping an eye on the Armorlands as it grew he eventually found himself using much of their products, and after eventually finding out that they had rebuilt the country and were allowing immigration to their every growing population. He at first hesitated, but eventually joined the ranks as one of the unenlightened, making a few mistakes, but a majority of the time staying quiet until an uprising came about where citizens started asking for more to do within the country, and another member proposed to make a place where people of the Armorlands can have some extra fun, while also enlightening them to the rules, and history of the country on a desolate island owned by a country that was not involved in the arms race of the flash game countries.(I am referring to the time dirkpitt and I created the ArmorWiki website) After this investment he eventually found himself investing more time in learning about the rules and events going on within the lands, till he finally became one of the 100 richest in the land.


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Name: Parsat
Also known as "The Chinaman"

Physical Attributes
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120 pounds
Eye color: Black
Hair: Short black hair
Age: 17
Nationality: Chinese
Sex: Male
Description: Wears glasses, cargo pants with pockets stuffed with random items, and monochromatic T-shirts of various colors. Wiry and lean. Tends to go about barefoot.

1. A Chinese straight sword inherited from his great-grandfather (rationale below)
2. His laptop, with Call of Duty 1 in the CD slot
3. Several pocket-sized books in his pockets, generally consisting of the Bible, the Art of War, the Communist Manifesto (keep your friends close and your enemies closer), and The Pocket Guide to Ad Hominem Attacks: When All Else Fails and You Have to Call Somebody a Motherf***er
4. A pen and notepad for jotting down quick notes. Pen ink is slightly toxic due to manufacture in China.
5. A deck of cards
6. A USB flash drive on a cord worn around his neck, filled with several viruses/worms of choice

1. Generally calm and collected with a sarcastic edge due to his philosophy of DGAF, but has a tendency to make inappropriate remarks at inappropriate times and to become overly impassioned in stressful situations.
2. Not asocial, but definitely not the person at the party with the punchbowl on his head.
3. Believes the pen is mightier than the sword, but carries a sword with him "just in case"
4. Thinks he can fight from watching too many Hong Kong kung fu flicks. Particularly well versed in the ancient art of the "Windmill Fist," which combines wild thrashing movements with loud yelling to hopefully scare off opponents.
5. Likes computers, Chinese food, inappropriate humor, pretty girls, rap, debate, RPGs
6. Hates popular music, women's rights activists, annoying teenage flamers/spammers, bigots, politicians, and communist b@stards
7. Hobbies include music, writing, free-running, meditating on wit, and surfing teh intrawebz

Came to the land of Armor Games after rabid hordes of proletariat zombies ravaged the realm of Addicting Games. Lives close to the heart of AG City, midway between the Amusement Park and the Imaginarium. Now works as an game operator in the Amusement Park, with several freelance writing gigs in the Imaginarium. Occasionally comes to the district courts to debate with people/engage in the deadly art of "philosophic fencing."


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Alias: no one knows his name but we call him Vise around these parts
Age: looks about 22 he looks a bit younger
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Human-darkness


Height: 6feet 6inches
Mass: 120 lbs
Build: thin and athletic (stronger than he looks)
Features: Grey eyes, blond hair with black streaks that is slicked back but NEVER combed. When he is in an intense fight or extremely angry or any other negative emotion he changes to red eyes and black hair with red streaks. Has a scar from his right eye to the corner of his mouth. Tattoo of an angel with bat wings on the back of his hand


Clothing: wears dark camo shorts that go a bit lower than his knees and a darker camo shirt. He took good sprinting shoes and put a metal plate inside for combat.
*a necklace with a cross inside a 13 pointed star.
*a sword with 2 blades that can be separated into 2 swords
*a compact crossbow that he only carry's around when he is on a mission.


Personality: Very hard to earn his trust. He will protect with his life the ones he trusts. Never forgets a grudge. he does not use his crossbow that much he can't even work it very well, but his sword skills make up for that
Likes: people who hold to there word, gambling, and whiskey, nothing else
Dislikes: liars, people who think theyĆ¢re better than everyone else, cute animals
Notes: he is a good gambler and that is how he gets most of his money,


Occupation: almost everything
Hobbies: target practice, sharpening his sword.
Accommodation: He moves around a lot
Backstory: through rumors and stories from his employers this has been pieced together; he has some dark power inside him. In darkness mode he gains incredible strength and speed he won't use weapons but sometimes the darkness controls him, and he will even attack his friends. He will always seek a cure for this curse. He stays at bars most of the time but he sets up his temporary homes in alleys. He is not loyal to anyone but himself, and those he trusts. He is tired of being hated he only gets money by doing jobs that people can't find anyone else to do. He is tired of people hating him and wants respect. He always honors rules and laws and will always accept a challenge.


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Alias: DarKArgeN
Age: 14
Sex/Gender: Male... Right?
Species: Human
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Mass: 85 lbs
Build: Medium Build
Features: Very agile and fast
Clothing: Wears normal, longsleeved shirt and jeans. Over this he wears a black cloak.
Accessories: Has one, foot-long dagger that is black and has a red, gleaming edge
Personality: "Dark" and brooding at times, other times can come out lively and funny
Likes: The color black, drawing and occasionally goes into a blood-thirsty kitten slaughter. He has a strange, uncontrollable hunger for kittens and cereal.
Dislikes: People who dislike eating kittens...
Notes: Is best friends with Pois0nArr0w and Phsycomonkey. He has two alternate egos named Dark and Argen
Occupation: He has none, except for eating kittenz. He has created several cookbooks, most about kitten recipes. His most recent book, Kitten-a-la-Poop, Is a prime example.
Hobbies: Eating Kittens, of course. He loves cooking, and loves to draw.
Accommodation: He currently resides here and no where. Some say he lives in Gangstaville, Canada. This has become the most wide-known belief about him.
Backstory: Very little is known about his childhood and were he came from.


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2) Information on your character's name and defining attributes.
Name: King McBobBob
Age: 14
Sex: MAN!

3) Physical attributes
Height: 5.4
Weight: 132
Shape: Average

4) Personality or character
Very lazy, likes to sleep in, likes girls ^.^ a rebel without a cause, a rocker, and likes long walks on the beach :]

5) Background of character
April 12, 1995. It was a stormy night. The villagers had come around to witness the queens newborn child. As they were preparing for the new kings arrival, the current king had another plan. He went into the kitchen, got a knife, and ran towards the queens room. As he came in, he saw that the new king had already been born. In a furious rampage, he ran toward the new king in an attempt to kill him. Suddenly, Strop broke through the window and did those good old ninja moves and gave him one last roundhouse kick and he flew through the window. The King had hit a tree...but no regular tree, it was Estel! Using that good old BOING! power, he was able to knock him out. As he woke up, he saw that DarKArgeN was carrying him. DarKArgeN gave him one hit and The King had never been seen again.


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Name: Kipdon
Height: About 20 feet long
Weight: Nobody can tell even though he's covered in scales (XD)
Age: 130 years old
Clothing: Scales
Personality: Likes fire, brain explodes upon failing orders.
Background: A black screen with a few red marks on- Oh... he used to be a human but was poisoned by dragon blood that was slipped into his drink one day. From then on he started flying around Armor Games, searching for interesting threads to prey on.

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