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The Bullman doesn't give out his name or age and goes by the epithet "The Bullman".

Epithet: The Bullman
Age: Unknown


Species: Bullman
Height: 9' 5" (claims to be 9' 6")
Weight: 1000 lbs (approximately)
Eye Color: Brown
Fur Color: Red, darker and shaggier from the shoulders up
Horn: 6"
Other: Has two fingers and a thumb on each hand with black hoof-like nails.
-Has cloven hooves for feet
-Has a 5" copper nose ring, always polished
-Has a straw panama hat he wears on sunny days
-Wears a leather belt holster that can hold a rubber ducky
-(Wears a loincloth that matches his fur)
-Has a muscular build but not especially muscular
-Has a magic rubber ducky water cannon (approx. H:3" W:2" D:4") he keeps on his left side

The Bullman is an anthropomorphic Beefalo that is more bull than man and attributes his large stature to grass. He believes he is part Red Angus due to his resemblance to Red Angus (though most Red Angus don't have horns).


Likes: Helping people, triumphing over evil, his stature, acclamations (from helping people or just ego stroking), dairy cows, anyone capable of fighting
Dislikes: Horses, anyone he views as evil, apologizing, talking about his shiny nose ring, grains (they give him gas), anyone bigger than him
Motto: Help those in need.
Mannerisms: Rests his hand-hoof on the rubber ducky when he feels threatened or ready for action, rubs his nose ring and looks at his own reflection in it when he is extremely bored with nowhere to go and nothing to do, inspects his hat by turning it around in his hand-hooves when he is embarrassed, stands tall with his chest out when he is proud or trying to impress

The Bullman is good-humored but does not have a good sense of humor. He is eager for action and defeating evil. While he often rests his hand-hoof on his rubber ducky and uses it to threaten enemies, he relies more on his size to intimidate. He sees himself as one of the greatest heroes in all of Armor Games and is always on the lookout for someone to help because that is what heroes do. He usually believes the first side he hears in a disagreement but is easily swayed arguments that sound convincing. He'll justify his actions as he sees fit but would rather run than admit to wrongdoing (because heroes are never wrong and they never get in trouble). Even though he follows his own rules, he respects authority.


Since he was young, the Bullman wanted to be the best Armor Games had ever seen. The Bullman's dislike of horses stems from several unfavorable encounters with horses through the adventures in his youth with his childhood friend Stallion Man (=/= Strop), although he is not likely to admit to such (because heroes never make mistakes). His adventure stories stop shortly after the discovery of the rubber ducky he carries around, but he won't tell where he got it. Before the rubber ducky, he favored pole weapons he could swing around. Since the rubber ducky, he doesn't keep a pole weapon about him and has rarely used one. He took to helping people because that's what heroes do.


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Name: flipper
age: 3
Gender: Male
species: Penguin
Height: 3 feet
Weight: 50 pounds
Build: Plump.

*Is actually blue, instead of the common black penguin.
*always wears a red helmet on his head, with the starps unbuckled.
*Has one big white circle on his belly
*has yellow feet
*His beak is yellow with a white strip


Is rather slow while running, and is pretty weak, due to the fact that he has flippers. He can slide on his belly at failry high speeds though. He Wuvs fish, and has a great ablillity for smelling it out, and has to go get some. He lets his tummy think for him.

can skate board, (rides a black and silver plan B) though he uselly makes his butterfly friend carry it.


Flipper is very laid back, and hard to anger. He likes relaxing, and sleeping. His favorite times of the day are the times were there is fish around. (he wuvs fish)

He is a shy little penguin, and is hard to make firneds with, but once you do, he is a very loyall and devoted frined.

His companion!!!!!!

Name: Snelly
Age: 4
gender: female
Species: Butterfly (unkown kind)
Height: 1 foot. (from foot to head)
Weight: 20 pounds
length: 2 feet
Wing span, 3 feet


*wings are blue, purple, and pink, in all diffrent shades.
*has only one antena on Her head.
*shiny substance falls from it's wings when they flap.

Can easily carry flipper on her back.
can sleep while in the air if need be
powder that falls of her wings can put people to sleep if they breath it in to long.
can swim under water


Snelly is a very nice little (or giant) butterfly. She loves tlaking, and really never shuts up. She enjoys to spend time with people, and loves makeing new frineds. She is rather forgetfull though, and will often ask the same thing more then once.



He was born as any othr little penguin down in the cold of antartica. There, his father sat on the ice with the little egg between his feet. That's when it happened. The ice on which his father was sitting broke off from the rest and started driffting away. Now the dad knew, that if he left the egg it would die, and if he didn't go back, he would die.

He chose his own life, and jumped into the water leaving the little egg there. The small egg floated up into the warmer ocean, and the ice he was on melted. Luckily, his egg floated. He was carried to south america, were he popped out of his shell next to a rather funny looking nest.

He was still small, and was very hungry. So he wandered right into the nest, and sat down. He waited for about 20 minutes, when a big butterfly came down.

"Awww, hey there little guy! Well that's silly, your a birdie! Why did I call you guy! ahahahha" Snelly said stupidly to her self.

"I'm hungry.....and do you know were i am? I can't find my daddy!"

"Hungry, well I think ihave some bug in here....."

"I wants fish! I wuv them!"

And so it went. Snelly rasied the small little penguin, and they have been together since.

Picture. See page 51 of the WoM page.


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Alias: Jess. Not Jezz. Jess
Nicknames: Jess. Jezz. Jessi. Jessabell. Jessibell. Bella. Jessica. Any other variations of her name...
Age: Approaching 208. (Technically she's 612, including the first and second generation)
Sex/Gender: Female
Species: Phoenix. 3rd generation.

Height: 4"2 (126cm)
Mass: 26kg
Build: Slim.. Lean... Just a general bird shape.

* Bright orange and scarlet feathers
* Golden plumage
* Deep blue sparkling eyes
* A few scars here and there on her body, nothing serious.


Clothing: Well none really. Jess doesn't need any clothing as it would probably look ridiculous on her. Although, she does occasionally tie a small union jack around her left ankle because she is somewhat patriotic. Not in a sacrificial sense, she just loves Britain. She can also use the flag to tie important documents and small items to her person so she doesn't forget them. The material often burns up under the constant heat so she only wears one when she can find one.

Personality: Likes to think she's extremely nice. She cares a lot for others. Sometimes she gets in too deep and feels responsible for their emotional happiness. She's far too sensitive, her emotions always take control and she can get rather paranoid at times. She's intellectual to some extent but she doesn't over-do it. However she does have a bad side. She can get irritable quickly and she has little patience. If theres someone she likes, she'll listen to them, but otherwise, she gets bored. Phoenixes are rather secretive by nature and they like to be free. They prefer not to be tied into an agreement so they'll be tricky to trust.

Likes: to heal. As you know, her tears have special properties that can heal any wounds, be they grazes, bites, burns, deep cuts, and possibly even fatal wounds. She loves to write, sing and cook (although, she never said she was good at cooking).

Dislikes: Miserable, untrustworthy peasants who jump to conclusions and assume they know it all, anyone who picks a fight for no real reason.

Fears: She has a fear of bugs. Horrible crawling insects. She also has a fear or large bodies of water. Getting too wet is rather dangerous for her and alot of the animals lurking in water like to eat birds. She'd rather steer clear of their black fins, churning bodies and steely jaws.

*Random fact: She is left-handed. Well.. left-winged. When she writes in ink, she manages to smudge the page.
* Jess is technically a scavenger. Phoenixes steal meat from other animals for their food, which isn't difficult seeing as they are to animals as mermaids are to sailors. Amazing.


Occupation: She has no job. She has no need of a job. She loves to write and heal, but she doesn't make profit.

Hobbies: Striking up conversation with passers-by - stealing information, writing, telling stories, singing, scouting (surveying land).

Accomodation: She lived in the East of Britain during her first generation but she wanted a change of scenery as she got older. She now resides in the Armorlands and has lived here for almost 409 years.

Backstory: Two millennium ago, when the Normans invade the place we now call Britain, they scattered the native Celts and British, who fled to Cornwall, Wales, and East Anglia. These had been the most unexplored areas of the island, home to many magical beasts and creatures. Some are vicious, some are harmless. The Brood, a flock of phoenixes resided in East Anglia, shielded in the dense lush forests, away from human contact. For generations, they lived there and forged a community. Magical wards were cast across their homeland, so trespassers would not be able to trouble their abode.

Phoenixes are long lived; six centuries are but a mere beginning. They are reborn again and again, from the ashes. Jess is what we would call a teenager. At the end of every millennium, during Midsummerâs Day, the magic of the land is the strongest in East Anglia, the raw wild power coursing through the soil of Mother Nature. When the clock strikes midnight, when the magic is at a peak, it would burst forth into the sky, a brilliant display of lights and sparks. The phoenixes refer to this rare occurrence as Silangird or âSacred Blessingâ in the tongue of Phoenixes. At such time, magical portals would open across Britain, leading it is said to outer worlds, to places never before seen. Jess had always wanted so badly to see the Silangird, and when it occurred in 1500AD, she was to say the least delighted. And imagine her almost hysterical happiness, when a portal opened right in the middle of the forest. Always the adventurous and outgoing one, without hesitation, she flew into it, to seek her destiny and to explore a whole new worldâ¦.

And that is how she came to the Armorlands. For days she flew to and fro the place, exploring, seeing new sights and smelling intoxicating scents, happy and carefree as can be.

She met Nichodemus almost by accident. It rained heavily one night, something she forgot about in her spell of dizziness. Of course she got wet and cold. Not to mention hungry. So you canât blame her for flying straight into the roaring log-fire that Nichodemus was roasting his caught-duck on to warm herself.
Once he recovered from his initial shock, gave her some duck (that was unfortunately burnt) and asked his guards to back off, he started to question her. Who are you? What are you? Where are you heading?
And so, they set off to Armor City together, to enter the town for the challenge of the land.
This is Jess. Ignore the girl in the top right; no-one knows about her, nor will anyone ever know about her, unless Jess loses her head and lets slip she has a-

Also another picture is on page 63 of the WoM thread.


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Name: Pazx
> Attributes/important information: Carries a Kunai knife, and is rather
> good with it (only used for self defence and cutting ropes (people leave
> their ropes around)). Angering her greatly or harming her greatly will
> cause her eyes to turn red and become amazingly dextrous agile resiliant
> and strong. Can be called Pazx but will prefer to be called Mary.
> Physical Attributes: Eleven year old girl. Do I really need to go
> weigh/mesure myself? Not fat. Not tall. Not short. Flexible (yay for
> gymnatics and dance)
> Clothing/appearance: I R too lazy to draw, Jeans, creamy coloured Hoodie, scar on left leg, hazel eyes, brown hair usually pushed back or in messy ponytail, slightly pointed nose and ears.
> Personality: Usually loud. Slightly show-offy. Easily distracted. Likes
> animals (to the point of cuddling up to strange ones). Quick to anger.
> Background/random info: Has three brothers, one sister, a mother, father,
> stepdad, stepbrother and stepsister. Has had the anger ability since she
> was born. Received the Kunai knife from Pierce when they were still
> looking at martial arts as a sport. (true story there)
> Reason to enter WoM: "Mary didn't think she would win. She didn't want
> to
> either, but she knew there would be many people and difficult challenges
> in the WoM. She was up to all challenges, but there was another reason to
> enter. She wanted to impress someone... Meep.â"

GIMP ttly died on me, so no pic.


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nor will anyone ever know about her

Too late... I think everyone already knows who it is. I'm not giving hints because Jess wants to keep Skye a secret. *holds mouth* Oh yeah, I suck at keeping secrets.

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Changing mine.

Name: Kipdon (Duncan)
Height: 5'7
Weight: 137 lbs.
Age: 13 years old
Clothing: Usually wears armor with slits in the back.
Personality: Rarely happy, quick to anger
Background: He was born on the top of a mountain. When he was brought back to the village his parents came from, the children shunned him. Eventually, as he grew older, he became interested in dragons and other creatures. He set out to find one of the creatures. After a long journey, he met a dragon named Surutcra. The dragon knew why Kipdon had sojourned there, Kipdon was killed by the dragon. An adventurer passed by and vanquished the dragon, he noticed Kipdon's body and used some of the dragon's blood to revive him. That is how Kipdon became half-dragon.

Yes, the wings and eyes glow. The picture is supposed to be in a dark alley and I'm bad at drawing.


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Since Klaushouse is in Germany and has limited internet functionality, I am posting his sheet for him. I'm also taking the liberty of inserting a few details about him without his permission just to annoy him, and no, you won't be able to tell which details they are >:3

Klaus the Bear.

The inspirational image for this character comes from the armatar that Klaushouse uses:

However, based on an image of his own making, I (strop) have interpreted his character and redrawn him as such:

Some jokes have been made about his possible resemblance/relation to a rather infamous 4chan celebrity whose name I cannot mention here, but as of yet no real facts have been established. Anyway...


Alias: Klaus. Sometimes Klaus the Bear. Just to emphasise that Klaus is a Bear.
Age: I don't know how to translate into bear years so don't bother asking.
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Klaus. Is. A. Friggin. Bear.


As mentioned previously, Klaus is a bear. A big brown bear.

Height: Somewhere around 8 feet at full stretch.
Mass: Somewhere around the 500 pound mark. Possibly more.
Build: Bear-like.
Defining attribute- he is a bear.
Under that thick shaggy fur, he has a scar on his right arm; he almost always comes up with a new ridiculous story on how he got it.


Clothing: Being a bear, Klaus does not see the need to wear clothes.
Being a self-sufficient bear, Klaus has no need for accessories.


Personality: Often misinformed, and is highly cynical and sarcastic about most things. Has a million ideas a minute and talks even faster. Persuasive through the power of sheer verbiage. Mischievous to the extreme, and while good friends with many of the moderators, they frequently find themselves having to use him as an example of how not to behave in the city of ArmorGames, mainly when he strays into 4chan-like behaviour, most of which is inappropriate.
Likes: Food. Will kill/die/combination of the two for food. Especially bananas. I don't think you want to know why. Sometimes appears emotional about food, for reasons made apparent later. Also likes breaking into Strop's tower, dirty jokes, pushing boundaries and appearing sexually ambiguous.
Dislikes: Posers, whiners, having emotional outbursts while eating, chipped claws (from breaking into Strop's tower), creatures that are bigger than him.
Klaus wrote his portion of this sheet while taking a dump. I thought you guys might like to know that, because HE WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD ME D:<


Occupation: Self-employed, self-professed champion of the Freemarket (Support and Suggestions). However he took a sabattical to travel the world and level up his mojo.
Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, blasting the folk of AG for shoddy product workmanship, suggesting grand sweeping reforms that can't possibly be achieved. And breaking into Strop's tower to complain about it.
Accomodation: A bear isn't quite the same as a gorilla but since he's still 500lbs, he sleeps wherever he pleases.
Backstory: When Klaus was a cub, his parents "did a Dilbert's dad" on him i.e. abandoned him while they went to stuff their faces. Which explains a significant proportion of his behaviour. In fact, it just about explains everything. One might even speculate that Klaus' loud and shocking behaviour is the result of a deep-seated loneliness, that came from a gap left by his absent parents that was never quite filled.

Klaus may harm me greatly when he sees this. But by then it'll be far too late, bwaaahahahahahahaha~


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Alias: Kirbzy
Sex: Male
Species: Puffball/Kirby (Watch T.V. Show series or use This


Kirbzy is the brother of the currently huge video game Kirby, he shares the same powers but as him doubled in power plus a special "secret" power he has yet to show in public.

Height: `3'3"
Weight: Depends on the amount of food intake from his last meal `45-60Lbs
Build: Completely indestructible, soft pink and squishy
Surprisingly stylish scruff around his mouth
Huge expanding mouth
Huge long narrow eyes.


Clothing: None, except for in his enemy was wearing some at the time when he was eaten/copied
Accessories: A Pair of Aviator Sunglasses used for motorcycling :P


Personality: Lazy, hard to get to, kept in the dark, very outspoken about which ice cream flavor is the BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE UNIVERSE
* Wears his swimsuit to bed
* Hopes to start a family someday in the near future
* Kirbzy spends 2-3 hours a day buying stuff online and spamming random forums when he's bored
* Kirbzy has almost no interest in his younger brother's doings after refusing numerous offerings as a sidekick to Kirby he has gone into hiding due to an event...(read below)


Occupation: Small-time superhero
Hobbies: Paddle ball, parkour, eating competitions
Backstory: Although he is the brother of the Star Warrior called Kirby it is necessary for me to explain Kirby's past before I explain Kirbzy's past. Kirby is a Star Warrior a group of Heroes fated to protect the universe from evil, Kirby was supposed to sleep for 200 years before being sent to Pop Star to protect it but was woken up early hence his baby like qualities, Kirby's destiny is to save Pop Star from destruction, simple as that, although this plot has never been introduced into the games, only in his animated T.V. show (English Version: Kirby right back at cha'! Japanese version:...idk I forget :P).

The story of Kirbzy's plot is different though. While Kirby was still in his deep sleep one of the Star Warriors, very educated in cloning and stem cells, knew that Kirby would become the most powerful of Star Warriors once he is awoken. Determined to to take over the universe Dr. Zirby (The scientist) cloned Kirby, although something went wrong. The copy of Kirby was supposed to have the same exact abilities as regular Kirby but far more advanced and powerful, but examination after the mistake revealed that while putting the DNA into the cloning machine Pizza crumbs from Dr. Zirby's lunch found their way onto the DNA contaminating the clone with lazy genes. Dr. Zirby aged Kirbzy so that his powers were fully developed before Kirby's thus giving him an advantage in battle when fighting his brother. Dr. Zirby did not realize that Kirby's and Kirbzy's mind were connected, When Kirby awoke Kirbzy awoke, although Dr. Zirby was not there for the awakening, thus giving Kirbzy a chance to escape and hitch a ride on Kirby's Warpstar, transporting him to Pop Star along with Kirby. Understanding the terms of what was going on Kirbzy secretly followed his brother. Late at night Kirbzy jumped Kirby and dragged him into the mountains, he then interrogated him with questions, being the only one understanding what Kirby was speaking. Kirbzy decided on his destiny that day, he would protect his baby brother should he fail on his quest. He decided to buy a house in the town Kirby was living in. Kirby offered him to help as a side-kick. Kirbzy declined stating he will "only help if the help is needed".

Kirbzy currently lives in the mountains after an embarrassing event that happened in the city, the details of this event event are still disclosed as top secret. Kirbzy still does freelance hero work at the city behind the mountains.


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Name: Flippo le Hippo
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Hippo
Weight: That of a hippo's.
Height: Average.
Build: Out of shape, sorta pathetic.

Bio: Flippo le Hippo is a French, out-of-shape, offbeat with huge ambitions. Flippo is a friendly, yet, not reliable friend to everyone in Armor City. He is very annoying as he can not relate to other people too well. He daydreams of himself fighting the most fiercest warriors, but in reality he has no true talent in martial arts. He usually thinks of himself high, sort of like a ninja. He loves reading old comic books of former moderators, as he wishes he was one. Flippo is persistent on thinking he could be a great moderator, but everyone thinks he doesn't have a chance. He dreams of becoming the next Moderator for Armor City, but due to laziness, he has missed the deadline of the WoM tournament.

Weapon (although rarely used.): Baguette (used for killing bugs and insects.)

Outfit: Flippo's attire usually can relate to that of a stereotypical French guy.


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King 'Since Beta' Ryan

Original Concept

The Quill

Info Sheets (mostly Quill stuff...)
Info Sheet 1
Info Sheet 2


Name: KingRyan. The name Ryan with the prefix of King, which has unknown origins.
Age: It is necessary to split this...
Mind Age: 15
Body Age: 73
Gender: Male
Species: Human


KingRyan is a teenage boys mind trapped in an old man's body. He is not that agile and has trouble walking for long distances. He will often complain of being tired.

Height: 160cm
Mass: 65-70kg
Build: Old
- Long white beard down to his stomach.*^
- Wrinkles.^
- Small tufts white/light grey of hair above ears.*^
- Brown eyes with dark spots in them that give the feeling of knowledge.^
- Ear and nose hair.^

(A * represents present in Stick version, a ^ represents present in proper version...i.e - something drawn by a fanartist (i.e strop))


Clothing: KingRyan mainly wears a heavy dark green coat which looks like it has seen many a season. However, being represented as a stick most often, his main piece of clothing is a pair of Half-Moon Spectacles, similar to that of Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

- A magical quill which has animation properties, see image above.
- A small, leatherbound book which is used to document the happenings of the land. It is said that this book has a special property, but this has not been discovered.
- A battered and dull, solid gold fob-watch. This was inherited from the archivist before him, however there was no archivist before him so everyone is unsure how it came into his posession.
- Some toffees which seem to have come with the job.


Personality: KingRyan is kind yet has a temper like a sleeping dragon. However, like KingRyan, this dragon has narcolepsy resulting in chronic snoring. He is very wistful and can usually think of a logical reason for everything even if it takes him a long time. It if comes to it, KingRyan is capable of completely removing someone from his life no matter how big a part of it they are. In short, he can move on.
Likes: Reading, writing, winning things, competing, riddles, toffees, people who he can have a good conversation with.
Dislikes: Spammers, people who are full of themselves, point strikers (people who aim for just AP), WHIPPER SNAPPERS (i.e- Young People...GET OFF MA LAWN!), losing an argument.
- KingRyan's character is lost between ages, so at times he will show either his teenage spirit or his elderly grump.
- He may not always show his anger, choosing to vent in other ways than physically. He will avoid conflict at all costs, even if that is admitting defeat.
- He is unable to kill an opponent, the most he will do is stun.
- He highly disproves of common youth culture and the consumption of alcohol in large amounts, especially those underage.
- He has been known to start talking about a topic and then go on for hours...


Occupation: School Student / Archivist and animator.
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, humming, gardening.
Accomodation: According to the AG Map by Strawp, KingRyan lives in a small cottage only a stones throw away from the Archives and Library.
Backstory: KingRyan wandered upon AG a long, long time ago. At least 3 years ago to be precise, although possibly 4 or 5...He can't remember! After enjoying the flash games for years, he was chosen to be a Beta Tester of the new site layout and design. It was during this that he aged rapidly and soon found himself to be over 70 years old. Although this was a pain, he didn't really mind.
As the new site grew, KingRyan first created the Archives on the old Beta site, however was dismayed when this was hacked and deleted. The original archives were lost, so he created the new Archives. However, being forgetful in his old age, soon the entries became few and far between.
Soon KingRyan withdrew himself from the main forums and resided mostly in the Art Music and Writing Forums, finding a new home. He runs a couple of competitions and is a regular entrant in many others.

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