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[OFFICIAL] AG Characters

Posted Jul 29, '09 at 3:53am



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Well, under my current assumption, I will put my character up. Sorry, no picture. I'm the worst artist who ever lived. And my serious lack of resources.


Name: TSL3 (Called Wileix in the various forum games)
Age: 2,156 (Although has the brain of a 17 year old)
Gender: Male
Species: Metallica (Oddly enough, I got the idea while listening to Cyanide)


Height: 6â1â
Weight: 937 pounds
Build: Unknown
Features: Made of metal. He is just like everyone else, except he bleeds molten lead. Cannot be burned, although has a fear of water. Very heavy, often riding is the cargo bay of 747s because he is too heavy. He is very shiny, as his skin is made of silver (Quite thin, only 1mm). Has three spikes on his head, and a flat jaw. Has no mouth or nose. His eyes are covered by some kind of grating that is near indestructible to everything but water. His torso is made of three segments. Top section: Includes shoulders, chest and heart. Shoulders have three, five inch spikes on them each. Middle section: No noticeable features. Lower section: Attaches to the lower body. His legs are basic, although a tad blocky. Arms are same as legs. However, the fingers look like individual segments on their own.


Clothing: None. His silver skin is his armor.

Accessories: Often has a sword on his back. When no sword is present, he has a hockey stick. Always has something on his back. Has a grayish uranium necklace.


Personality: Quite a straightforward personality. Cold, lazy and manipulative. Although when in a good mood, he can be helpful, friendly and good humored. Is very loyal.
Likes: Loves watching ice hockey. Is a fan of the World Events forum, as well as the Forum Games forum. Likes his old job, except the janitorial part. Loves listening to Black Sabbath, Metallica (Hence the species), AC/DC and Pink Floyd. Likes watching TV from time to time.
Dislikes: Spammers, flamers, trollers and n00bs. Basketball and baseball. Newgrounds. People in general, but thatâs a product of his environment. Pointless threads.


Occupation: Currently Unemployed. Excellent Debater. Former Hotel Receptionist and Janitor.
Hobbies: Watching ice hockey, playing ice hockey, metallurgy, blacksmithing, nuclear reactor building, swordsmithing, mining and digging.
Accommodation: Deep in the caverns below Armor Games. Comes up through a small hole a mile outside Armor Games limits.
Backstory: He was born 2,156 years ago, when a 17 year old fell over 1,000 feet into the caverns below Armor Games and was crushed between lead, uranium, silver and titanium rocks. The rocks instantly fused together with him inside and thus was created TSL3. Over the years, he was working odd jobs here and there. He occasionally worked for some powerful people in Armor Games. He discovered the forums 500 years ago and hasnât looked back. He finely honed his debating skills against some of the best debaters at Armor Games. 100 years ago he joined a forum game and has been on those from time to time. He was recently arrested along with 8 or 9 other people for flaming on a thread for a laugh, and was sentenced to a one day exile. He regrets it but still gets a laugh from it. Before then, he had never broken the laws of the land.

Hopefully no symbol mistakes.


Posted Aug 26, '09 at 1:29am



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Alias: Riou
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon Humanoid Thing

Height: 6 ft and 1 inch
Weight: 160 pounds
Build: Balanced muscularity and speed
*short black hair
*sky blue eyes
*can turn into a dragon humanoid thing
*ability to fly
*ability to breath fire... sometimes
*50% dragon, 50% man

Clothing: Wears a long black leather coat, a white t-shirt, a red bandanna, and a pair of blue jeans
*A pair of long swords
*An amulet he found on the road
*leather gloves
*black pair of shoes/boots
*a composite bow
*a quiver of arrows strapped to his back
Personality: Riou is a peace loving man and has a very calm attitude. But when he is provoked he transforms into his Dragon State where he has absolutely no control of himself. He goes on a rampage for 24 hours in this state and later wakes up with no memory of the day before.
Likes: Riou absolutely loves swords and music, loves to eat meat, hates vegetables, likes puppies and kittens, and lastly. Bandannas
Dislikes: Riou hates spammers, posers, and people who think they are better than him.
*Can transform into his Dragon State when greatly provoked.
*When he transforms into this state, he is completely sealed off from control of himself, he becomes zombie-like and destroys anything that's anything in his way.
*Likes to protect other people.
*Hides his sadness.

Occupation: Defender.
Hobbies: Polishing his swords, buying new bandannas, listening to music, helping out others.
Accomodation: The Armor Tavern at Armorland
Backstory: As a child he was kidnapped by a pair of mysterious men. They dumped him into a vat of chemical waste where he got his dragon powers, he went on a rampage for 72 hours and was shunned from his village. He lived in NewGroundsKingdom for a while until all the destruction and carnage got to his mind, he left and soon found that his true calling was the way of the sword. He later opened up a Dojo in Armorland and taught many others the way of the sword.

Sorry, I has no picture and even if i did i highly doubt it would be good anyways...


Posted Aug 27, '09 at 8:40pm



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Ol'Man Carter

Alias: Ol'Man Carter
Age: 60ish
Gender: Male
Species: Human?

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 140 pounds
Build: Lean
-Long Silver Hair
-Long White Beard/Moustache
-Unnatural Strength and Speed
- A very aged face
- Black Eyes
Clothing: A faded out red (basically pink now) long sleeve shirt, torn and ripped faded blue-jeans.
- A long twisted wooden walking stick that is enchanted to make it unbreakable.

Very quiet (he has no one to talk too), always alert. He is very brave and never backs away from something threatening something he loves.
Likes: The woods, mountain air, the cold, an occasional fight, and his 'mother'.
Dislikes: Anybody that doesn't respect is home (the moutains of ArmorLand). People who think that they have superior 'smarts'.

Occupation: Guardian and Shepard of the Mountains of ArmorLand
Hobbies: Scarying a person messing around on his turf. Fighting with a Sasquatch.
Accomadation: Where ever he decides to rest for the night in the Mountains of ArmorLand.
Backstory: He was abadonned by his parents in the foothills, but a kindly old grey mother bear raised him. Now this bear knew the ways of humans, taught him the good and the bad. While he was younf a hermit racoon crafted him a walking stick, one that would never break. This stick would be his weapon and only tool besides his hands. When he was a young man he drove out the evil spirits from the Mountains of ArmorLand, making the mountains much easier for people to pass over. When he was a middle aged man his mother bear died to a rouge clan of Sasquatches, ever since he has waged war with them always coming out the victor. Now his purpose is to keep the Mountains safe, so that people can cross over and join or leave the community of AG.


Posted Sep 2, '09 at 11:24pm



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Looks like Strop isn't updating this anymore, So now i ask, Why is this even stickied?!


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Eh,figured I'd give this a shot. And Riou, you're right, I think. But whatever.

Moat by Papi.

Please note that almost all of the following is unbeknownst to the public, as Moat never takes off his armor and, as stated, is very reclusive and mistrustful. But I figured I'll make an exception for this description.

Alias: Moat
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 4'3
Weight: 80 lbs
Build: Short, muscular, but still kind of thin
-Very close-cropped dark brown hair
-Handsome face, with a thin scar running from the right temple to the jaw
-Clean shaven
-An extremely pale complexion(because he never takes his armor off in sunlight or in view of anything)
-Very dark brown eyes

Clothing: Shiny, golden armor that he crafted himself, which is said to be indestructible.
-A one-handed long sword with an empty socket below the crosspiece, which is said to have once contained a gem.
-A silver necklace with a ruby in the center, which is hidden underneath his armor at all times. A sort of good luck charm.

[b]Personality: Silent and solemn, although when spoken to tends to reply as short as possible. An honest, loyal, and hardworker, but also reclusive, cruel to enemies, proud, and quick to anger. Is slightly egotistical and mistrustful, as well, and could be described as paranoid, taking every precaution. But he is kind to the people who gain his trust.
Likes: Lasagna, fighting, and snow.
Dislikes: People who don't like lasagna, idiots, people who insult him in any way, or people who are mean to his friends in any way. Also has a deep-rooted fear of ice dragons.

Occupation: Knight and sentry of lands
Accommodation: A mansion in a shifting land. Shifting land is always changing, one day it's an ocean, the next it's a desert. However, his house copes.
Background: Named accurately after the god Moat, MoatMusherCastleCrusher was raised to be a soldier, trained from early years to the ways of the fighter. He also became quite a skilled smith and craftsman, but became renowned as one of the greatest swordsmen in ArmorGames. However, he was banned from the army when he tortured a prisoner of war, and was left bitter, and with thin scar on his face. He remained good, defending AG as a vigilante, but retained a dark fury ready to rise to the surface at any time.


Posted Sep 10, '09 at 3:21am



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Reminder: This thread is still being updated and as long as there are fics about ArmorGames and its users it will continue to be relevant.

Reminder 2: Read the original post!!!!!


Posted Oct 8, '09 at 12:24am



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Alias: Adam
Age: ???
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: 6-foot bird.

Really fast and strong. Good at singing but bad at drawing XD! Can fly only 10-feet up in the air. Has a sword built by gods that is indestructible. Can sit on the branches of trees.

Height: 6 feet
Weight: 130 pounds
Personality: Bold, weird, courageous, and happy.
Build: Speedy and burly.
Waterproof feathers
Silver Beak
Night Vision .
White Torso

Pure-waterproof feathers that never fall off.

Indestructible God Sword

Likes:Food, Karate, Studying, Computer, iPod, video games, swimming, pet fish.
Dislikes:Gays, Black Widows, country music, weird weather, and eating duck.
Eats Chicken
Eats Turkey
Eats Beef
Eats Pork
Hunts for prey
Orthodox Christian

Occupation: Student, karate pupil.
Backstory:He is secretly EpiKc, came into Armorgames for fun.
Hobbies:Having fun, Karate, Video Games, computer geek, and working out.

I am bad at drawing so don't make fun of this!


Posted Nov 1, '09 at 12:39pm



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Alias: The Apothecary
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 277 Lbs.
Build: Heavy
Features: Lots of hair, Long beard, Eye Color Blue

Clothing: Currently: Old Peasant garb
Personality: Diligent apothecary and toxicologist.

Strengths: Vast knowledge of potion formulation
Weaknesses: Habit of creating unforeseen explosive concoctions

Occupation: Poor Potion Adept
He would be found usually between the Atrium/plaza and Imaginarium trying to sell his "pots" to make some money during the day to spend at the tavern during the nights. The barkeep usually forces him by the dumpsters because of his smell would ruin the business.

Background: He was an adept toxicologist frustrated with the poor quality of the specimens found in the city
he decided to venture into the wilderness. One day he was captured by a horded of bandits and thieves warring with a neighboring town. He was forced to produce armaments to destroy the villagers, the bandits looted the town and enslaved the remaining villagers. The second town had a large well organized army that surprised the bandits by invading their camp. Hectichermit was unaware that he was just trading cruel hands. For Three years he was enslaved, the last owner was caught ill and Hectichermit used his knowledge to cure him and was freed as a reward. On his journey back to Armor City he encounter several merchant caravans on one of which a trader that specialized in herb lore told him of a rare specimen that only occurred high in the mountains every few hundred years and that the time was near for the bloom. He traveled for an entire eight months to the southern mountains in hope of squiring such a plant. During he managed to collect more then thirty unknown plants and when he went near the mountains he was caught in a terrible blizzard. He managed to find a cavern for shelter for 4 days and for nights the storm raged on and on the fifth morning a pristine snow covered the ground. Discouraged that any flowers would bloom in such a condition he journeyed back down the mountain. He was shocked to find hundred if not thousands of flowers blooming upon a frosted covered field. Upon the study of these plants he created several potent formulas which were unsurpassed even by the ancient researchers in the archival records.


Posted Nov 1, '09 at 2:05pm



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Kirbzy is non-affiliated with the Nintendo Kirby.

Just a heads up yo.


Posted Nov 27, '09 at 5:07pm



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That of a raccoon.
Height:40 centimeters
Mass:9 kilograms
Build:Lanky, even for a raccoon.
Has all the features of your average raccoon, but is missing a finger on the left hand(lost it while thefting)
Clothing:none, except when curious and trying things on.
None, except for anything he has stolen.

Personality:He is a mischevous furry woodland creature who has occasional bursts of cleptomaniacism.
Likes:Shiny things; things of value; wild goose chases
Dislikes:Law enforcement;rules
Notes:Other than what has already been explained, he is definetly a cleptomaniac who does things without thinking beforehand.

Occupation:Scout, thief
Hobbies:Going to Armor Square and pickpocket any unsuspecting websurfers
Accomodation:Wherever he happens to fall asleep, usually after dining in a dumpster or trash barrel.
Backstory:He was born and raised in the sewer systems of AG. His mother was considered a hag among the other raccoons, so she kept him in a secret underground crevice for the first 5 years of his life. There, she taught him how to read all of the people in AG. She taught him to pickpocket, to lie out of a situation.

Eventually, he got to clever for her. She kicked him out, and he was ready for a new world to explore. As soon as he reached the surface, he started causing general mayhem, disrupting files and archives that should have stayed put. He gained recognition among his fellow thieves, and it wasn't long before he was in a cartel.

When he was recruited to "The Coons", he was basically a messenger and scout. He would sometimes be a spy, as well, risking his life to get the dirt on rival thieves. One day, he was trying to get a file right out from King Ryan's napping nose, but King Ryan took his sword and sliced the archives right away from him, severing his finger.

When his seniors heard about this new competition for average AGer's they sent him to find out what was going on. He was so excited, this was the biggest dig yet, and he was going to be the first one in the group to be in on it! He tracked the groups steps; from the first challenge to the spot where the F bomb was detonated. He saw them up ahead, and he was trying to see who would anticipate him first...

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