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[OFFICIAL] AG Characters

Posted Dec 7, '09 at 10:18pm



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Update to my Character:

After a turn of events, Kirbzy moved to Armor City, greeted by nice atheists and good friends .

Taking residence in the Apartment above Alt, Kirbzy made many new friends and became a profound character in the Community of Armor Games. Spending his time arguing and talking to friends Kirbzy is quite the popular person of Armor City (excuse my ego ).

Missing the deadline for the WoM, due to laziness, Kirbzy watches quietly from the sidelines...


Posted Feb 1, '10 at 5:18pm



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I just thought that I'd update my little profile, so here goes:

Images, appearance, relationship w/ character etc: Thoad is my e-persona of course, though he started out sa a zombie story character. His online version is much different from the Role-Play version, so yeah. Go ahead and ask me if you want his other backstory.
Image (as drawn by cenere): [link]

Name, Attributes, Etc.:
Name - Thoad, thoadthetoad, thoadsy, Thoadling.
Attributes - Easily angered, has it out for zombies, hits hard, runs fast, being about 10-20 miles per hour. Lives in a condo. Is lonely more than 1/4 of the time.
Attire - Helmet, usually not hooked on. LolWhut long sleeved shirt, jeans.

Started out as any other internet-goer. Eventually found AG and set his home there. Moved to dA, still uses AG home as a summerhome.

Other bells and whistles:
Likes music. Has several NSFW inside jokes. Wants to be apart of Cenere's, Zoph's, and Strop's reindeer games but can never do so.


Posted Mar 4, '10 at 7:33pm



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Lol, strop said "Hi, it's me" (see 1st post).
How precise...

I never tought of making myself a fanfou character, even if this is my everyday internet name (exept on ps3, it's pivottt because "fan" or so was a banned word from the site)

So here I present you Fanfou... I inspired him form my old kid cartoons I used to make...

here is zézé, my alien made when I was kid. I just drawn him just like he was before...

And here is the great new fanfou character.

Name : Fanfou (fou means crazy in French, and fan is the short for fanatic)

Physic : Ball-like monster. Represented angry, he is red and black (whith wide lines). I might use him to replace the O in fanfOu if I make an avatar for another website... He can only bounce to move (or roll, but it makes him sick). His two triangular eyes float over his head.

Mental : He likes to mess around and play, and of course, to kill and DESTROY. He likes elephants and monochrome stuff.

Origins : He was born on a fire planet in the Yakitori system, far from the Milky Way galaxy. He is always making one of these 10 things:
1 - eating
2 - sleeping
3 - being bored
4 - drinking root beer
5 - playing with blue elephants
6 - asking cute animals to suicide
8 - activating the sticky keys by pressing SHIFT five times
9 - making (or pretending to do) homeworks
7 - finding lost or forgotten things and play it
10 - play on the ps3

Here he is :


Posted Apr 4, '10 at 10:57am



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Alias: KnockoutSloth.
Age: 16
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Sloth.
While he is a sloth, he is also very active and enthusiastic, he also
Height: 180cm
Mass: 150 pounds
Build: A little pudgy but very active.
* Can stand on two feet
* Long Sand colored fur
* Long claws
* Slightly blackened nose and mouth
* Deep green eyes
Clothing: Well he usually wears only his fur, but can be seen in a Nirvana hoodie from time to time.
* Boxers gloves
* Sloth based humour book (written by KnockoutSloth)
* Poetry notebook
Personality: Jewish! (didn't know if I should put his religion.) Very conservative and lovable, has many friends in the kingdom of AG, also likes telling jokes.
Likes: Climbing in trees, knocking stuff out, Sleeping, and hanging out with his buddies, also loves rainy days
Dislikes: Spammers, bashers, jew-haters, and snow
Occupation: Poet, most noteably in the "survival of the fittest." thread, is also a Rabbi of the Judaism Questions answered! thread
Backstory: Sloth came from the awful kingdom of newgrounds to find a new life, a new hope, and new friends! Often seen moreso in Forum games and world events forums he runs into a lot of varied people such as: Atheists, Catholics, One Jehovian, and various other funny personalities.


Posted Apr 6, '10 at 9:30am



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Name: Wyuen Wood. Aka WW.

Physical attributes:
He is a tree made of hard wood. He has two branches for arms and 2 large roots for legs. His eyes are just dew filled holes, showing the lighter colour of the wood inside. His head is thick and full of leaves, branches and sometimes misplaced birdâs eggs. Being a tree of solid wood, he can be very heavy sometimes but luckily when scared to death he runs like his life depends on it.

Personality attributes:
He is a average brained tree, his knowledge comes from his constant watching of the environment when he was trapped as a rooted tree. Usually easy-going unless angered by some insults about his tree descendents. He likes to make friends but his bad sense of humour degrades other peopleâs view of him.

He is a tree that got uprooted from a patch of magical seeds. He ran away, seeking refuge from the horrible axe handler. His parents was a farmer who wanted to grow some trees that provide unlimited fire wood. Fortunately, WW managed to plot his way out but couldnât encourage the other trees. He made his way to armour games to find protection and hopefully start his life over again.


Posted Apr 6, '10 at 7:34pm



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^Oh and his height is of an average tree, ranging between 7 and 10 feet. His bush makes up for half his height.


Posted Apr 25, '10 at 3:57pm



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Alias: Bueno
Gender: Male
Species: Bear with human characteristics (see more info below)

Physical Attributes

Height: 3 feet
Mass: 60 lb.
Build: Not the strongest...
Has the power to stretch legs & arms abnormally long
Has amazing dancing powers
Black eyes, just like dots
White/grey-ish fur
Mouth up close to eyes

Over shoulder pack. It's dark green on the bottom half, and light green on the top
Crown, kept in his pack

Curious, but knows when he's pushing it
Adventurous, like to challenge himself
Friendly and outrageous
Likes: Summer time, swimming, adventures, playing with Crown, trees, dancing
Dislikes: Sarcasm, people who don't like him, poachers

Occupation: Student, "artist"
Hobbies: Playing with Crown, dancing, swimming

(without pack)


I understand I will be a cameo character. KoS informed me. :3


Posted Jun 4, '10 at 10:50am



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Alias: Goes by the name of Kipdon, real name Duncan.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid Mimic (you know, the treasure chest monster, just in human form)
Height: 2 feet (Mimic), 5'10 feet (Human)
Mass: Too much work, didn't post...
Build: Well-balanced, not muscular, but strong, fairly intelligent
Features: Normally has a gilded border, or has green eyes unless angered, then eyes turn light blue and glow dimly.
Clothing: Likes wearing robes when not wearing armor
Accessories: Cross Necklace
Personality: Shy
Background: Not much is known about Kipdon, aside from the fact that he was a treasure box who followed a group of moderators into Armorgames, then transformed into a human to avoid being banned.


Posted Jun 12, '10 at 2:40pm



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Here goes nothing

Alias[b] - 1337
Age - Supposedly 1000 years old, looks as if he's 16... maybe he is.
Sex/Gender - Male
Species - DEATH/Former Human. Yes you can touch him.


Height - 5 foot 5 inches.
Mass - He hovers, so does it really matter?
Build - Average?
Has a long dark robe/cloak.
Has a spiral to keep his cloak intact.
Has long-ish hair.

Personal Effects:
*Can control light
*Has a pet bunny (that can be vicious) not seen in drawing
*Has a cloak that can turn into darkness
*Can hover/float
*Can vanish then reappear (Can only do this 20 times in a 24 hour period)

^A long big scythe as displayed in picture
^Ninja handbook
^Potions that heal (100 Heath Potions (HP) 100 Magic Potions (MP))
^Dual swords
^Writing journal

Personality - Can be dark and mysterious 1/3 of the time, the other 2/3 of the time he is wise and tired.
Likes - His big scythe, his robe, his love, darkness, writing, and AG.
Dislikes - Light, ghosts, trolls (both kinds), daggers, and NG.
1)He walks normal speed.
2)You will usually feel an eerie presence when you are in the same room as him
3)Was in the Ninja League when he wasn't all grim reaper-y.
4)Likes to play Scrabble


Occupation - Killing people (not intentionally, he is DEATH after all), Writer, Adventurer.
Hobbies - Writing, ghost killing (er... that made no sense what so ever), slicing things with his big scythe, talking (sometimes)
Accommodation - A nice 2 story house.
Backstory - He was left alone on a doorstep to a family of fat, mean relatives... no just kidding. He was an orphan in AG, he learned to survive, he went to Ninja Academy, then died, and then became DEATH.

Hm... that failed.


Posted Jun 12, '10 at 3:04pm



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I have no image, so bear with me.

Name: Sir Orion Stellus
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Species: Human

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 145 pounds
Build: Stocky, slightly chubby but has strong muscles

Long, dark blond hair
green left eye, blue right eye
scar on his eyebrow

Personal Effects:

Two short blades on his sides, along with a cutlass on his left hip
Gold watch
Large navigation book with green pen
MP3 player


One of the better sword fighters around
Can see in both infrared and ultraviolet spectrums, making his night vision perfect

Personality: Happy go lucky, has serious stage fright, a fear of heights, and a fear of not having a weapons with him at all times. Enjoys reading poetry, listening to music, and killing annoying gnats known as spammers. He also has a superiority complex which is not intelligent to mess with. Never point out his flaws.
Likes: As said, poetry, music, killing spammers, along with debating government issues.
Dislikes: Spammers, stupid people, ignorant religious folk, arrogant atheistic folk, and anyone who tries to make him seem lower than he believes he is.

Occupation: Writer, former judge of the Haiku contest, pirate, professional shrimp eater
Hobbies: Cutting up stuff, debating
Accommodation: A large Spanish galleon that somehow made its way far inland and crash its entire keel into a perfectly flat floor. It's big, and he is always adding new furnishings.
Backstory: Always lived in Armor Games, going and sailing in a boat every chance he had. Occasionally he would board other ships, typically those of spammers, and steal everything on board. If it was a major spammer, he would kill them. The mods never caught on, and has appeared in the record books as a 'law abiding sitizen,' when he clearly is not. He is a frequenter of the community aspects of Armor Games, but stays away from the entertainment areas. Nothing further is known.

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