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[OFFICIAL] AG Characters

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(Left: everyday clothing, Right: Combat Clothing)


Alias: King Lemon
Age: Unknown, thought to be between 475 and 550 years (based on when he arrived.)
Sex/Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid Lemon


Due to the gravity of his universe being higher than that of ours, King Lemon's skin and bone structure are 10x stronger than that of a regular man, also because of the gravity difference he is able to move at incredible speeds and jump higher than average, please remember he can only do this because of the gravities. For whatever reason King Lemon does not appear to age, possibly the shift from his to our universe caused this.

Height: 5 ft 8 inches
Weight: 122 lbs
Build: Muscular

*No fingers, but on occasion finger like extremities appear (a good example of someone like this would be Patrick Star off of Spongebob)
*A Lemon for a head
*Almost always looks made.
*Luscious lips (a slightly darker color than his skin)


-Everyday Clothing: White, cotton tunic, with golden buttons. A black belt, with a ruby belt buckle. White, silk martial arts pants (the only modern clothing he owns). A classic deep red velvet cape with white fur at the end. A large sapphire pendent which holds the cape in place. A crown, thought to be a stolen or lost crown jewel, but if asked will simply state, "I swear it's mine, and that's that!".

-Combat Clothing: A light(weight), razor sharp, gold crown with jet black onyx jewels. It does not resemble anything stolen and is believed to have been privately made for King Lemon for the purpose of fighting. No shirt, No Shoes, No Problem. White, silk martial arts pants, with a ruby belt buckle.



Personality: Generally outgoing and laid back. Tends to avoid making relationships with people, mainly because he moves around so much. Thinks very highly of himself, often seen as cocky or overconfident.

Learning new things. (anything really, nothing particular)
The arts; music, painting, sculpting, etc.

The human race as a whole

*King Lemon is often haunted by his past, and mourns to see his world once more.
*Prefers hand to hand combat
*King Lemon only dislikes the human race because he has been around long enough to see how humans behave and has come to the conclusion humanity, in simple terms, sucks. Though he still helps them when he can.


Occupation: Currently unemployed, but has a vast amount of wealth from interest build up, investments (mainly in a fruit company -cough- Apple), as well as living a frugal lifestyle.


Born in an alternate fruit reality, King lemon once ruled with an iron fist. Once he conquered a new land, though, he made sure everyone was happy, repairing destroyed buildings and homes. Citizens under his rule were prosperous and loved their King.
Seeing his ever increasing popularity, his top advisor felt he needed to get rid of King Lemon, taking his place. One long story later and King Lemon is projected into our reality, arriving sometime in the mid 1500's.
At first he was an outcast, which was new to such a beloved King. Gradually he got used to moving around from town to town, country to country. During his travels he learned many things, his favorite of which were the different fighting techniques used in this Universe. Over the course of many years King Lemon has trained at the Shaolin Monastery, learned Baji Quan, mastered wing chun, and most recently studied Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. These are only a few fighting techniques he has learned.
Though King Lemon has studied many fighting styles, what his ultimate goal is is getting back home to his kingdom. He is always studying theoretical physics, magic/sorcery, quantum physics, astronomy, anything he believes could land him a way back to his own Universe.

--I think that's everything!

I might attempt to make him in photoshop, giving him some color.
I will post link to colored version on my profile when finished.


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Image by Strop


Alias:Efan AKA fox,


height:6 feet 1 inch.
build: a fox the size of a person walking on it's hind legs.
features: thick orange fur, very good looking, black nose like a fox the size of a person walking on it's hind legs.

A large silver butchers knife and a lot of Molotov cocktails.

personality: young and ambitious but also quite silly, tends to make bad jokes.
likes:friends and action.
dislikes: his job as a bar man.

ACCOMMODATION:a small room above the tavern.


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you put a strange http at the end.


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Thank you, Gaboloth. I have yet to understand links and pictures


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(No images exist; I lack the resources to get them on the computer, and I have not been deemed important enough to recieve one from a Moderator)


Name: Maverick (Mav, to his friends or aquantinces)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Sapien Sapien (Germanic Descent)


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 128 lbs

Build: Tall and thin, but with wiry muscles, and surprising amounts of endurance.

General Features:
-Dirty Blond hair, and Blue Eyes
-Slightly depressed look, but stoic and unchanging
-Small, assorted scars throughout the body
-Has a slight slouch, quickly becomes apparent when he walks
-High reaction speed, but rarely shows it


Clothing: Standard shirt and trousers, held up with a leather belt. The belt also has a short knife (about 8 in.) thrust into it. Over this goes a worn-out travelers cloak, with a hood that is ussualy over the head. The cloak falls down to about the knees, revealing leather boots. On the back is a short, recurve bow that fits into a small quiver, which holds 24 arrows. A statchel is slung over the left side, so as not to inhibit the drawing and firing of the bow.

Satchel: Journal, writing materials, a few assorted books (including On Flight: A Short Guide, and Cicero's On Duties), a small first-aid kit, and other assorted items, including a small vial of neurotoxin.


Personality: Slightly depressed expression on his face, though is stoic, and doesn't express emotions well, or often. Pessimistic (you never get surprised), and thinks a lot. Is also a wishy-washy ascethetic.

Likes: Coldplay, weapons, shiny things, club-soda, Citrus, writing (and art in general), philosophy (Hobbes, Cicero, Machiavelli, Marcus Araileus), Honor, math, books, and zombies.

Dis-Likes: Hip-Hop, cheaters, bliss, ignorance, blissful ignorance, Ad-Hominem attacks, excessive whiners/complainers, clowns, lemons, haters, and trolls.


Occupation: Bard-***-writer, wanderer/traveler.

Hobbies: Jogging, writing, archery (shooting), reading.

Accomodation: Likes in a cave adapted for habitation in the waste around ArmorCity. Quaint, no?

Background: Wandered to AG from a place-need-not-be-named, and has setteled (permamently?) near ArmorCity. Strayed into the Forums, and with help from other AGer's, he began to refine his writing skills. Due to his choice of abode-location, he is also extremely adept with his bow. Is also obsessed with flight, and despite what others say, he believes its still possible...


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My first character hee hee ^^

Name:AG-tan aka: Mitsuki Hayashi
age: 16
Gender: Female (duh)
Date of birth: 12 march 1995
Height: 1.64m
Weight: 55kg
Hobbies: Cheerleading, playing tennis, fighting evil armor-trolls with her dual swords.
Likes: Pom Poms, Pomeranians, fluffy things.
Dislikes: Tentacles, Trolls.
Favorite food: Yoghurt, milkshakes, yoghurt milkshakes (0_0)
Disliked food: Anything alcoholic.

[b]Personal attributes
Her right arm is slightly larger than her left arm (I think this is a very nice excuse for making a mistake in my drawing ^^)
Personallity: Mitsuki is a very confident and supportive person. As a cheerleader herself, she is a very encouraging person and loves to support people a 100% to their goals. She also dislikes those who discourages people, such as trolls and she does not take them lightly...

[b]Background story
Born and raised in the world of Armorgames, Mitsuki has developed a strong sense of belonging to there and has sworn her life to be a protector of armorgames. Equiped with the signature weapons of AG, the dual blades and the kotetsu sword technique learnt since young, she fervently hunts down trolls that threaten the peace and gamers of Armorgames.
When she is not fighting trolls, she is busy doing cheerleading to her favorite football team in her high school. In school, Most of them know her as a protector and dare not pick on her, even the jocks in her team.


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(Character only, uncolored)

Name: Unknown
Occupation: Ranger
Race: Human-Elf
Attributes: Strong, high, wise, intelligent, beautiful, cold, blind

Background story

Lives in dark woods near the rivers, he is always moving from a place to place, hunts Orcs when he has a chance and enjoys adoring the nature when the times allow him.


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Name: Jeol
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Buny Rabit

1. Physical Attributes:

While he is not incredibly strong or has any super powers, he is proud of the fact that he knows Kung Fu. He often stands up unless he is trying to stand off as cute to someone.

Height: 4'6"
Mass: 120 lb.
Build: Was very chubby at one point, though has been working out lately; slight muscular build
Features: wonderfully cute; has a fading gray streak from his black tail to his head. Has yellow-green eyes. Has a peach colored belly.

2. Personal Effects:

Clothing: May sport various clothes from boots to gloves to hats, or use something to have all-black fur, but usually wears nothing.

- DUCKBag (what he uses to carry everything)
- Jeol actually sports a weapon, but nobody has ever seen it or knows what it is.
- AG Assorted Poetry
- Morsels and painkillers in a small box
- 100AP (always keeps AP on him, in case he needs to buy anything)
- A book titled "Guide to -" but that's all it says - it is very thick.
- Unknown device - possibly the one to make him have all-black fur?

3. Character:

Personality: Loves almost everything, hates nothing. Is cheerful, honest, and is hard not to talk to. Enthusiastic and encouraging.

Likes: Talking, greeting, writing, drawing, Kung Fu-ing, reading, eating, acting ninja.

Dislikes: Not talking, greeting, writing, drawing, reading, eating, being angry, or angry people.

Notes: Because everybody knows he has a weapon that nobody knows what it is, they try their hardest to stay on his cheerful side, unless they don't know that he does or that they don't care.

4. Background:

Occupation: Student, often volunteers as a greeter for any AG events, learning how to write website code.

Hobbies: Art, music, writing, drawing, acting ninja, or talking.

Accomodation: Owns an apartment on the west side of the AG campus (128d WEPR drive), though hopes that he can move into a house on the east side of the campus (21 AMW road), which would be closer to the AMW thread.

Backstory: Arrived at AG when he was 8, severly beaten and nobody else knowing what happened before then. He still holds that secret. Ever since then, he has been taking classes and hanging around participating in various events. He has been longing to leave to go on an adventure for sometime, but nobody (except him) has any idea what he might leave to do. It remains a secret, like what happened before he came to AG.


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Some of the visual description of Jeol

Most of the stuff is based on 'Adventures of AG' or 'Endril and End Cold,' or was my personal creation, like the addresses. I might make a thread at some point about some of the 'unknown' things about Jeol.


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Picture: No known pictures yet exist of Bunneh, for reasons unknown.


Name: Bunneh
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Bunny

Physical: Is a somewhat short rabbit. Has a sort of white-gray fur. Unusually long ears, even for a bunny. Not much special about physical strength or speed.

Clothing: Usually wears nothing, and carries a small black bag. What's in the bag is known only to him. He is also sometimes seen listening to his iPod.


Personality: Bunneh has developed a reputation of being nice and fun to talk to. Bunneh has never been recorded saying anything mean or aggresive, and always has something useful to contribute to a conversation.

Likes: Music, making people laugh, having fun, talking.

Dislikes: Anger, and all forms of it.


Occupation: Currently unknown, as Bunneh has never disclosed this information:

Hobbies: Reading, writing, taking nature walks.

House: Also unknown, but is rumored to live in a small shack outside Armor City.

Background: Bunneh is a relatively new citizen of AG. Although he had arrived when he was 13, he mysteriously disappeared the day after he became a citizen. No one really cared, though, since he was unknown. After 6 months, he came back like nothing had happened. To this day, no one knows what happened in those 6 months. Today, he frequents the Tavern, because he very much enjoys having friendly and silly conversations with other citizens. Bunneh is also an aspiring poet, and can sometimes be seen in the AMW building, staring in awe at the works of other artists and writers.

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