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King of the Hill.

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Posted Mar 19, '08 at 11:47am



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Okay, just trying to put on a bit of fun here, I hope It'll catch on >.< Sometimes it does. I used to play a game, this was the main thread on the "games" part of the forum. Anyway. Lemme teach you all how to play, its a rather fun game. xP

So, One person starts out (Me) as King of the hill. Which is acctually this post.

The rest of you have to do whatever is neccesary to take the hill back, or kill me, or get rid of me, or turn me into a black jelly fish. Whatever, the point is to sit like a fat lard on your hill with power.

Examplerz: Blade: (Me) (this post)
Other dude: I throw a rock at you, amazingly hitting your head, I then throw you into a moat.
Me: In the moat I befrended an alligator and me and him came back to kill you. The hill is now mine.
Other Person:
Other person:
[And so on, until we all drop dead from trying to take over a stupid landform]

Hope this catches on ^^ I'm starting off as King of Deh hill. ^^


Posted Mar 19, '08 at 12:14pm



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Dude this is like SPAM because there is already a king of the hill game.... This will probley be locked.


Posted Mar 19, '08 at 12:39pm



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