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Threads going off topic.

Posted Mar 21, '08 at 11:25pm



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No offence to all the jokers here, I'm happy you are too. And joking but staying on topic is the key.

Its getting kinda annoying that you are screwing up some sub-areas which don't need screwing. Do all you want in the Tavern.

Just wondering, Is Armor Games just low on Mods or something or are the threads that I acctually wanna see replys to gonna get blasted by pages of spam? >.>
Again, not to be evil, or a boring fool, I like this junk as much as the rest, but still keep the threads for what they were worth.

My thoughts. I'm kinda active here, so if there was somehow a way to report a thread of toppic or more mods or something, I'd appreciate it.

--Again, Just a suggestion--


Posted Mar 22, '08 at 8:42am



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There are actually three mods, four if you count Dan (I think he has the power to do that mod stuff), and they are probably busy doing other things, so people will slip through their radar.


Posted Mar 22, '08 at 8:54am



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Wow, only 3 mods? thats not alot, and Dan would be to busy doing Admin stuff... Armor games should get more staff


Posted Mar 22, '08 at 10:09am



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Every single topic is going to progress, which is what MOST do. Those that do go off topic do not stay that way for long. I see no issue.

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