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Battle of the Bands: U2 vs R.E.M. (Page 431)

Posted Oct 23, '12 at 10:54am



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@ hersheykissxoxo : No reasoning means your vote won't be counted... sorry! =/

@ BravoTangoRomeo1993 : There's not much of a reasoning in comparing the two best songs from both bands, but in order to be able to declare a winner, yours will be added. Mind you... next time some more elaboration , ok?

@ fries : You already stated that you hate both bands and ultimately voting for one of them without adding so much as a short reasoning is not valid. Sorry!

Final score count for the "Battle of Britain II"!!



Allright! It's time people... on with a new battle! I discussed it with waluigi already and we both decided that some battles from the past definitely deserve a second round in this competition and... again, this is one of them!!

Two bands from the famous 70's disco era, ready to shine their glittered boots, play some great tunes and make your swirl across that dance floor! So put on your afro, practice your smooth moves and be a John Travolta on a Saturday Night! =)

And of course, here are some additional examples from each of the featured contestants to help those that can't decide which of the two to vote for :

# EARTH, WIND & FIRE example videos :
- Shining Star (1975)
- Fantasy (1977)
- September (1978)
- Boogie Wonderland(1979)
- Let's Groove (1981)

# COMMODORES example videos :
- Slippery When Wet (1975)
- Brick House (1977)
- High On Sunshine (1977)
- Sail On (1979)
- Nightshift (1985)

Allright... time to boogie on down and score that vote party people! VOTE!!! =D


Posted Oct 24, '12 at 12:22pm



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My vote is for EWF. Their songs are more memorable for the era. It's what people think of when they think 70s and disco. Their songs were made for dancing.


Posted Oct 25, '12 at 4:58pm



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Voting for EWF... Was pretty even but "Jupiter" took it for EWF


Posted Oct 28, '12 at 12:13am



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Alright, time for my vote. I'm gonna go with EWF. I'd never heard much by either band, but I now want to get something by both after hearing that (although I'd say these borderline on funk). What gives it to EWF are the harmonies; they are truly amazing. How does on go about getting that many great singers in one group? Also, dat bass.

and now for a score update!


3- EWF
0- Commodores

@582944114- I'll let it slide this time, but its a forum rule that you need a little more reasoning than that.

And finally, a big congratulations to MrDayCee on becoming a forum moderator! Cheers!


Posted Oct 30, '12 at 5:23pm



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I vote for EWF. They seem like they have a better vocal range, and their songs are catchier. The only song I like by the Commodores is Brick House, so that isn't enough for them to win my vote.


Posted Oct 30, '12 at 7:21pm



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I am voting for EWF. I thought they were more interesting as far as lyrics go for me. I also agree with Waluigi that they do have some really fantastic harmonies as well.


Posted Oct 31, '12 at 1:28pm



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EW&F. They had groovy music videos, groovy beats, groovy look and groovy lyrics.

Let's groove.


Posted Nov 3, '12 at 4:16pm



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I have to admit that I don't know many things about these two bands. Their names are familiar to me, but I'm not sure if I have listened to some of their songs before.

As some pointed out, the voices of EWF harmonize really well. Besides, the melodies of their song seem happier and I love the horn section. It definitely gives a special vibe to the songs. These are the main reasons why I vote for this band. I can't say much about the lyrics because I can only understand a few words and today I'm too lazy to look them up on Google, sorry.

So my vote goes to EWF.


Posted Nov 3, '12 at 11:01pm



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Update: talking to a friend of mine about the song Let's Groove. She claimed it's bad. I am seriously considering cutting this friendship because of that. Well that and she's also a *****.


Posted Nov 3, '12 at 11:58pm



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I clicked on all the songs thinking that I didn't know most of them... turned out every EWF song was familiar to me, I just didn't know them by name!

So with that, I vote for EWF because their music has clearly survived the test of time much better than that of the Commodores!

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