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Battle of the Bands: U2 vs R.E.M. (Page 431)

Posted Aug 14, '12 at 10:28pm



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@ Light-Chaser I'll let your vote slide just because I'm changing the battle and there's no time for you to add to it, but in the future, please incorporate a reason with your vote. It's in the rules.

Anyways, this battle is coming to an end, with a final score of:


3 - TOTO

Now to go back to the 60's for this next battle with two bands who were a helluva crazy. Ladys and Gentlemen:


The Doors
Light My Fire
Peace Frog
Love Me Two Times

The Who
Baba O'riley
Summertime Blues
Pinball Wizard

Let the battle begin.

And the usual notice; if you have a battle you want to see here, feel free to suggest it on either Mrdaycee's or my profile. That is all.


Posted Aug 15, '12 at 12:33pm



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Ok, thanks for clearing that up...

I have to say the who, because they have pinball wizard. and their old drummer (keith moon) was a bathroom bomber

(If you haven't heard of uncle johns bathroom readers, go to their website at [url][/url])


Posted Aug 16, '12 at 8:27am



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I have to go with The who. Don't get me wrong, I adore the doors. Incredible doesn't sum them up - but The Who are one of my all time faovurite bands. Their music makes me swoon.


Posted Aug 17, '12 at 12:17am



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"He's a pinball wizard there's got to be a twist! Cas' a pinball wizards got such a supple wrist!" great song therefore my vote goes to The Who


Posted Aug 20, '12 at 5:12pm



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The Who have a wide variety of great songs that anyone can appreciate. Even decades later, it's hard to say that songs like "Won't Get Fooled Again", "Baba O'Riley" or "Who Are You" could be considered anything short of timeless.

The Doors have a few good songs, and Jim Morrison certainly was a character in his time, but it's truly an acquired taste that not everyone can easily appreciate. I also find myself wondering how famous they would be today if Jim Morrison were still around.


Posted Aug 20, '12 at 11:29pm



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This is tough.

But in terms of sound, I like the experimentation The Doors did, with no bass and the keyboard, along with Jim's voice, they get my vote.


Posted Aug 21, '12 at 2:08am



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I have to go with The Who. Keith Moon's drumming is impeccable. Not only that, they had some great lyrics, and Roger Daltrey really delivered them well.


Posted Aug 21, '12 at 11:35am



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New battle and already some votes in! This is looking good people! Excellent!! =D

@ kj4qex : your reasoning is too thin to count your vote... sorry! Please provide a more elaborate reasoning than a mere song and we'll count it, ok? Thanx! =)

@ Ernie15 : I thiiiiink you're voting for The Who... right? If not, tell me and I'll change your vote for you, ok?

I'll cast my own vote right away as I've been slacking on my modding here a bit... thanx for picking up where I dropped it waluigi!

My vote will be for THE WHO! The doors are a legendary band with some awesome songs in their repertoire, but aside from that, the fact remains that the band has become so legendary because of their frontman Jim Morrison and his (to me stupid) death...
Granted, "Riders on the Storm" remains a truly awesome song, if only because of it's dark rythmic vibe, but The Who puts so many huge cannons up against it with a.o. "Baba O'Reilly", "Who Are You", "Pinball Wizard" and "My G-G-Generation", that The Doors are easily defeated in my opinion!
And even though "Tommy" was a little less, I can always, ALWAYS, listen to The Who, whereas The Doors become tiresome after a while...

So, with my personal vote counted, the score shows:



Allright, first score roundup! Let's keep it rolling and stretch it to a 10 vote win for one of the contestants, shall we?!

Keep those votes coming people!!! =D


Posted Aug 21, '12 at 4:19pm



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whereas The Doors become tiresome after a while...

I have to agree with that! They have a nice sound but it's hard to listen to them for more than a few songs!

The Who are one of the only bands I can actually listen to a whole album of without getting bored halfway through... I don't think it's possible to dislike a single one of their songs!

Posted Aug 24, '12 at 12:47am



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I think I'll take the Who here. I like the Doors, but I've always said I'd like them better if Jim Morrison would shut up. Case and point, my favorite song by them is Riders On The Storm.. But just the music part. The Who I actually never thought I liked until I heard a song, found out they sang it, rinse and repeat.

So because I prefer the Who's total package, my vote is for them.

Vote - Who

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