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A special thanks to Andrew from NLSC for creating a thread similar to this, you can check it out here.

All questions are optional and you can add your own if you like.
Just fill out this:

Birthday (Year Optional):
Why you chose your username:
Favourite Movie(s):
Favourite TV Show(s):
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s):
Favourite Song(s):
Favourite Armor Games Game(s):
Favourite Video Game(s):
Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s):
Favourite Armor Games Member(s):
Favourite Sport(s):
Favourite Sports Team(s):
Favourite Shoes:
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es):
Favourite Car(s):

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Name: Ryan
Birthday (Year Optional): I am a Cancer. I am 16 years young. You do the math.
Location: USA
Why you chose your username: My name is Ryan of course, 7 is my baseball number, G is the first letter of my last name
Nickname(s): Ryno, RyRy
Height: 6'0
Weight: Around 140
Favourite Movie(s): Dark Knight, I Am Legend, Seven Pounds, Spiderman 3, Step Brothers, Pineapple Express
Favourite TV Show(s): Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Guy
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s): There's lots.. Escape the Fate, Linkin park, Rise Against, AC/DC, Slipknot, All Time Low, Blink-182, etc.
Favourite Song(s): Too many to name
Favourite Armor Games Game(s): Don't know
Favourite Video Game(s): Rock Band 2, MW2
Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s): All of them XD
Favourite Armor Games Member(s): DANSTANTA (only friend I really talk to) lol
Favourite Sport(s): Baseball, Bowling, Football
Favourite Sports Team(s): DALLAS COWBOYS BABY. Miami Heat. New York Yankees
Favourite Shoes: idk..
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es): Will Smith, Heath Ledger, Denzel Washington, Adam Sandler
Favourite Car(s): idk..

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Birthday (Year Optional):1997, see on my profile for more.
Why you chose your username:Because I'm a boy and I was acting all silly when I started getting into the interweb.
Nickname(s):none that I will say...
Height:5 foot 3 1/2
Weight:111 lb.
Favourite Movie(s):Rear View Window, It's a Wonderful Life, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Pay it Forward
Favourite TV Show(s):Scrubs, Mythbusters(I don't really watch TV that often)
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s):Weezer, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top, ACDC
Favourite Song(s):In the Garage by the first one in favorite bands
Favourite Armor Games Game(s):Bubble Tanks Tower Defense
Favourite Video Game(s):Far Cry, Bioshock
Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s):Strop, Cenere, Carlie
Favourite Armor Games Member(s):Zega, TheDude42
Favourite Sport(s):Golf, Basketball, and a bit of hockey
Favourite Sports Team(s):Celtics, Bruins, Patriots, Red Sox
Favourite Shoes:Red and White Converse with Blue Shoelaces
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es):I don't have a favorite actor/actress, I have a favorite movie someone acted in(how they acted)
Favourite Car(s):Not really into cars...Smart Car I guess???
Musical Instruments Played:I play piano, trumpet, harmonica, xialophone, and a bit of percussion.

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Sorry, I also play saxophone.

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Name: Christopher
Birth day:Oct. 6
Location: USA
Why you chose your username: Jk madman is my friends Xbox live account and I decided to use his and add a 1 to it.
NickName(s): Jk
Height: 5'2
Weight: 80 something LBS.
Favorite movie: What about Bob?
Favorite Show: Mythbusters
Favorite Band: Kr1z
Favorite Song: Remotion
Favorite Armorgames Game: Run Elephant Run
Favorite Video game: Cod4 MW2
Favorite armorgames staffer: Cenere
Favorite Member:Rather not say.
Favorite Sport: Hockey.
Favorite sports team: Black Hawks
Favorite Shoes: Who has a favorite pair of shoes unless they're a girl?
Favorite Actor: Adam Sandler
Favorite Car: Lamborghini

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Name: tomer
Birthday (Year Optional): 14/7
Location: Israel
Why you chose your username: I always use the same one.
Nickname(s): t(e with two dots above)ma- russian name.
Height: 1.70 meters
Weight: 58 kilos
Favourite Movie(s): LORT
Favourite TV Show(s): National geografhic
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s):Status quo- Only for the "You're In The Army Now"
Favourite Song(s): You're In The Army Now- callicas music isn't a song.
Favourite Armor Games Game(s):Almost all "Strategy Games"
Favourite Video Game(s): Strategy Games
Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s): dunno
Favourite Armor Games Member(s): me
Favourite Sport(s): chess
Favourite Sports Team(s): me
Favourite Shoes: caterpillar
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es): Orlando Bloom
Favourite Car(s): Dunno

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Name: Eric Beson
Birthday (Year Optional): Jan 29, 1996
Location: Edmonton Ab
Why you chose your username: Singid=Sinjid + 25, my favourite number
Nickname(s): Erk
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Favourite Movie(s): Hate Movies
Favourite TV Show(s): Hate Shows
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s): Metallica
Favourite Song(s): Dyers Eve, Gentle, by Issac Shepard
Favourite Armor Games Game(s): TLS 2
Favourite Video Game(s): Red Faction Guerrilla
Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s): Charlie
Favourite Armor Games Member(s): Moat
Favourite Sport(s): Soccer
Favourite Sports Team(s): None
Favourite Shoes: Work Boots
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es): Hate actors
Favourite Car(s): Lamborghini

That's me, for all you stalkers out there.

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Favorite movie: What about Bob?

Lol, I forgot to add that one. Really good movie.
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Name: Peter
Birthday (Year Optional): March
Location: Wales. That is all.
Why you chose your username: Just the username that popped into my head. Random spur thing.
Nickname(s):Ironhead - Nothing can penetrate my steel skull!
Height: Short (not sure how tall, though)
Weight: About 30kg.
Favourite Movie(s): The Mummy and its sequel.
Favourite TV Show(s): Doctor Who and The Simpsons. Also Futurama.
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s): Hmm... I don't know...
Favourite Song(s): Final Countdown. Aye, 'tis epic in itself.
Favourite Armor Games Game(s): Frantic 2, Bubble tanks 2 and BTTD
Favourite Video Game(s): Don't know.
Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s): Who?
Favourite Armor Games Member(s): Everyone is great here.
Favourite Sport(s): Football.
Favourite Sports Team(s): Tottenham
Favourite Shoes: What kind of question is that, anyway?
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es): David Tennant
Favourite Car(s): Lambourghini convertable

So, yeah. I also have a crazy life. I talk to my pets, make zombies out of plastecine at school and never eat school meals (they could be poisoned). I trust absolutely no-one with my stuff and live in an attic/cupboard that runs the length of my house. My life is terrorized by one boy called Oliver. He is fat. I am of above-average intelligence and am far ahead of my class. I run a game at school on paper where you own a farm and try to stay alive. I MIGHT turn that into a game here. Okay, see ya.

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Name: Anthony
Birthday (Year Optional): 08/15
Location: Who wants to know...
Why you chose your username: My girlfriend originally found the name. Niveous means winter.
Nickname(s): Ray
Height: 6' 1''
Weight: 130ish
Favourite Movie(s): District 9, Inglorious...yeah... that movie. Pandorum, Daybreakers
Favourite TV Show(s): None.
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s): Too many to count XD
Favourite Song(s): all 797 of the ones on my Itouch.
Favourite Armor Games Game(s): GC: C0 and a few others
Favourite Video Game(s): Borderlands, Left4Dead series, and others.
Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s): All of thems <3
Favourite Armor Games Member(s): I have no favorites when it comes to other members.
Favourite Sport(s): Pro-Gaming League >
Favourite Sports Team(s): None
Favourite Shoes: o.0 none
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es): Don't pay attention to them.
Favourite Car(s): One that works.

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Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s): Charlie

Who is Charlie, THIS dude?
That user isn't a staffer!
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I'm ulquiorracifer.
I just like the games here.
The people are cool.
And I also represent websites.

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Name:... Caleb
Birthday (Year Optional): November 1st
Why you chose your username: I needed one. I dislike numbers and labels, so I just randomly chose some letters until I had a combination i liked.
Nickname(s):Smoof. Don't ask why.
Favourite Movie(s): Dark Knight, the Star Wars series, The Mighty, the Futurama movies, A Scanner Darkly, and numerous others hiding at the back of my mind.
Favourite TV Show(s):As you could probably guess, Futurama, American Dad, That 70's show, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Madtv.
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s): Williams Shamir, Nicholas Dumensil, Nirvana, Disturbed, Drowning pool (with Dave Williams), Radiohead, and System of a Down.
Favourite Video Game(s):Legend of Zelda Oot, Baldurs gate, KotOR, TF2, Half life, Yoda Stories, Goldeneye, Bioshock, and others I can't think of at the moment.
Favourite Sport(s):Hockey, Football, and Dodgeball. Strange mix, huh?
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es):Robert Downey Jr., Heath Ledger(he was AMAZING as the Joker), Al Pacino, Clint Eastwood just of the top of my head. I can't really think of anyone else.

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Birthday (Year Optional): January 29
Why you chose your username: my dad made it up for a different website and it's easy for me to remember
Height:5'8 ish
Favourite Movie(s): I Am Legend, Simpsons movie, among other things that i can't remember right now
Favourite TV Show(s):Criminal Minds, Dr.Who, Torchwood, Wearhouse 13, again among other things
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s): P!nk, David Cook, Beyonce, Destinys Child, Kanye West, Chris Brown, (i only like his music not him!) Josh Groban
Favourite Song(s): Forever, run this town, jumpin' jumpin', lose my breath
Favourite Armor Games Game(s): anamorphs plus
Favourite Video Game(s): any Zelda game, halo series, left 4 dead, sumper smash bros. melee
Favourite Armor Games Staffer(s):idk
Favourite Armor Games Member(s):idk
Favourite Sport(s):basketball, football, volleyball, and swiming(if that is considered a sport)
Favourite Sports Team(s):ummmm lakers idk!
Favourite Shoes: don't have one
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es): Will Smith, David Tennant, Matthew Gray Gubler(â¥â¥â&yen, Heath Ledger
Favourite Car(s):don't have one

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Name: thepossum

The rest of my infois only for friends.


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Name: Daniel
Birthday (Year Optional): May 22
Location: Louisiana
Why you chose your username: On the role playing games that I play, my name is always Tray Dogenzaka, so it came naturally.
Nickname(s): Tray, Shayua, Shay, DJ
Height: 6'2
Favourite Movie(s): Anything with Samuel L Jackson in it, All Resident Evils.
Favourite TV Show(s): Anything on the History channel.
Favourite Artist(s)/Band(s): Linkin Park, Blink 182, Nickle Back
Favourite Song(s): Numb
Favourite Armor Games Game(s): The Last Stand 2
Favourite Video Game(s):Resident Evil, the Jak series, Call of Duty, and Halo.
Favourite Actor(s)/Actress(es): Samuel L Jackson

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.

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