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Complete Super Karoshi Walkthrough

Posted Jul 7, '09 at 12:54pm



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Thank You so much for the walkthrough! I beat it before but I had a lot of trouble. So thank you for making it less difficult!


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This is for all you people that are posting so many questions on the Super Karoshi Comment area. So you no longer have any excuse to complain about levels. So read and be wise!

First, I recommend playing the first game, which I have not written a walk through for... yet.

Then read this and play the second game, Super Karoshi.

Level One (use Arrow Keys):
Use the Arrow keys and jump into the pit... Simple.

Level Two (Blood Pit):
Jump some more and jump into the blood stained pit. Simple.

Level Three (Get Stuck):
Click first two Buttons on ground. then jump up and Don't jump on third button! then jump up to other platforms and push buttons, then jump back down and click last button and fall to your doom.

Level Four (Were in the future):
Run to the back of the teleporter on the ground. wait till the platform is below the teleporter in the sky. then walk into the ground teleporter. it is important that you are walking toward the spikes so that you can get on the moving platform.

Level Five (Timing):
Stand on spring and wait for spikes to move across room. they will. Then jump into them.

Level Six (The End-One):
Walk to the far right and walk in spikes.

Level Seven (Something is Wrong with this stage):
you can not Turn around to the left in this level. Jump over the button and on to the platform. Then jump on the dot, and into the teleporter in the hole. then Walk past the plant into the two Spikes.

Level Eight (Four is enough I tell you):
Jump on second stake. then jump onto platform with plant. Then jump on the highest stake on next section, then run and jump at spikes. you can make it, but you may miss the first time.

Level Nine (Double Teleporter):
Now, to tell you, the double teleporter has nothing to do with this level. To win, simple run over to the exit, and you will find the secret. Before you activated that, the spikes would disappear as you neared them. then, jump up to the spikes, being carful to not press the buttons (pressing them in different patterns will do differnt things, such as making the platforms disappear) and jump into the spikes.

Level Ten (11/10 or Armor games in Armor games):
jump against the wall and you will be impaled in the spikes.

Level Eleven (LOL):
Jump to the right side of the O in LOL and jump to the left. there is a secret tunnel that allows you to get to the spikes inside the O.

Level Twelve (Your Jumps dwindle):
The more you jump, the less jump you have. To do this, make sure you land on the last stake in the tunnel, and then jump from that into the spikes.

Level Thirteen (You are walking slower):
The more you walk, the slower you get. Just keep walking straight forward, and you will eventually hit spike.

Level Fourteen (The End-Two):
keep on jumping. Your jumps increase in size, and you will hit the spikes on ceiling.

Level Fifteen (Blue TOxic Waste):
you can only jump on each spring once. Then fall into the blue toxic waste.

Level Sixteen (SUPER KAROSHI):
Click both buttons, then jump repeatedly to get the kriptonite. then fall in spikes.

Level Seventeen (Your Mission or Your first Co Worker):
Jump over spike pit, and over spring to avoid spikes on bottom of platform. Then get Super Karoshi icon. go back past the spring and over on top of the Platform. Push both buttons, and then get Kriptonite and jump in spikes with your co worker.

Level Eighteen (Huh?):
Just walk to the left. You will get it.

Level nineteen (Blue Crystals):
Grab Super Karoshi Icon, then jump over first Blue Crystal and touch second Crystal to the right. Grab Kriptonite, then join your Co worker in his death.

Level Twenty (Super Karoshi 3 OR SK3 or the co worker comith from the tunnel):
This one you will need to hurry. grab Super Karoshi icon, and run into teleporter. Then, touch blue Crystal on ledge. Grab Kriptonite, then join your Co worker in his blood fest.

Level Twenty-one (Super Karoshi 4 or SK4 or co worker is above you):
You need to speed a bit here too. Grab SK icon and touch BC (blue crystal). Grab the Kriptonite, go through teleporter, and then join your co worker in his blood bath.

Level Twenty-Two (K):

Walk under the K and click K on your Keybord. simple enough to make yourself depressed ain't it?

Level Twenty-Three (Super Karoshi 5 or SK 5 or co worker separated by bricks):
Get SK Icon, then click the button as he is coming to the third X brick from the right. Then fly up, grab the Krip, and fall in the Spikes of impalement.

Level Twenty-Four (Big Orange Blob thing that has chicken legs):
Walk near and far from him making him get up and down. then, after you do this 7 times, he will get up and stomp on your skull.

Level Twenty-Five (SK on Utube):
Jump up into second teleporter from your starting location walking to the right.

Level Twenty-Six (SK 6 or Super Karoshi 6 or the great two co worker kill):
Run and grab SK icon, then run into the BC and keep walking into the teleporter. then touch the four BC in front of the spikes. Run down grab Kriptonite, then enter teleporter, and run into spikes like your co workers.

Boy.. am I tired... Ok, keep going!! Keep Going!!1

Level Twenty-Seven (Credits):
Wait until Credits are done, then jump into the spikes at the end... They scroll with the credits so catch them before they leave. If you don't catch them the first time, they come around again, so you can do it then.

Level Twenty-Eight (The End-Three):
Walk to the far right into spikes.

Level Twenty-Nine (SK7 or One long plank across screen):
Push the two buttons. Then jump across spike pits and nab the SK icon. Enter the teleporter and stand next to the BC stoping the co worker from falling. wait until the other co worker is on the fourth brick from the left and then let the co worker stuck go. then get ready to push the button when both co workers are over the spike pit to the far right. then grab Kriptonite and just KILL YOURSELF!

Level Thirty (Shift):
Stand under the spikes then hold down the shift key. and watch yourself die.

Level Thirty-one ():
Eat all the hamburgers. eat the two that don't need to use anything, then spring up and grab the one above the spring. then teleport and grab another one. Then click button to far right on ledge and open up the area with three more burgers and eat them. then explode.

Level Thirty-Two (SK 8 or Super Karoshi 8 or two co workers blocked both ways):
pick up SK icon, then make one co worker fall one way. and then remove the BC from the other side for the other co worker. Then they will click the buttons and impale them self. then grab Kriptonite and teleport up there too.

Level Thirty-Three (SK 9 or two co workers trapped by one BC):
Grab SK icon. Then touch the BC when the moving platform is at its lowest. Then grab Kript, and Fall in and join the party.

Level Thirty-Four (Head Hurting):
Stand on first spring and let your head hit the top repeatedly. Eventually, you will get through, and you can spike yourself.

Level Thirty-Five (What are you doing in my level?):
Jump to the left and leave his level.

Level Thirty-Six (SK 10 or that is one heck of a lot of Kriptonite!):
Grab SK icon and then jump repeatedly over the kriptnite rainbow then teleport. This next part requires a ton of timing, so as soo as the co worker hits the BC on his left side run forward as fast as you can to beat him to the second BC and allow him and you to be spikified.

Level Thirty-Seven (Jump Jump Jump or SK 11):
Jump over the three stakes with spikes on them to your co workers. say hi, then jump on the moving platform as it comes down to you. you will need to move from the left to the right and back to the left to avoid the spikes on the sides of the elevator/Moving Platform. Then leap across the multiple dots and grab SK icon. Then touch BC and then grab Kripto and kill yourself and give yourself to the devil.

Level Thirty-Eight (Apple Tree):
Stand under the four apple from the left and then wait for it to fall on you, don't jump.

Level Thirty-Nine (The ! box-one):
Grab SK icon then release the co worker from his cage by touching the BC, then grab krip, and then fall in spikes.

Level Forty (The ! box-Two):

Jump over the ! box and enter teleport and grab SK icon. Then release the co worker on the right when he is nearest to the center of the platform. then run over and released the other one as well. Your goal is to explode them both in the ! explosion. Then grab Kripto and then spike yourself.

Level Forty-one (The ! box-Three):
Grab SK icon, then release the co workers and then quickly grab kripto. Then run to catch up with them so you all can explode in one fatal ! explosion.

Level Forty-Two (The ! box-Four):

jump over spike pit to grab the SK icon over it. Then release the co worker trapped by the BC and run down to the ! box on the left side. when he is right next to it, run into the ! box. Exploding you both, but you have the SK icon, so you are ok, then grab kripto and fall in spikes.

Level Forty-Three (Visit to Win):
Click link in bottom right corner.

Level Forty-Four (SK16 or the will fall from above):
Jump across platforms and dots to the SK surrounded by spikes, so use timing and aim. then release all the co workers and then kriptonite yourself and fall in too.

Level Forty-Five (?):
Click button and let hammer fall on you.

Level Forty-Six (SK icon and a flying plant):
Grab SK icon and jump up repeatedly and push button. then let yourself be burned by the engine in flying plant.

Level Forty-Seven (Block of iron):

stand under iron. then move mouse over fire and then set the rope on fire by moving your mouse over to the rope.

Level Forty-Eight (Endless):
Fall repeatedly and keep moving to the right and get spiked.

Level Forty-Nine (The End-Four):
Click one of the letter near the right side and then jump to the right out of the screen and get killed.

Level Fifty (Blue or its really hard to see):
Jump around to the button to the right, then jump on spring and enter teleporter and fall in spikes.

Level Fifty-one (dotted line down middle):
Jump up dots on the left side of wall, and then jump on moving platform. and then jump to the spikes.

Level Fifty-Two (Karoshi filled screen):

When the men turn upside down, jump on their feet, if you have played mega man 1 before then this should be easy for you. just find the pattern of the platforms of when they are created and disappear.

Level Fifty-Three (Knife that falls down, I forget the name of the machine...):
Jump over first teleporter and click button, then jump into the teleporter you passed. Jump on spring and then jump just right to get to the knife thing. you can do it, jump right before you fall of the top platform.

Level Fifty-Four (Space):
Click the space bar then jump when the nose of the ship passes by and get spiked by it.

Level Fifty-Five (Hats Lock):
Stand under the lock then click Caps lock on your keyboard. SPLAT!

Level fifty-Six (Hmmm...):
Restart level and there will be a spring to help you out.

Level Fifty-Seven (Pickle):
You fall into spikes. no choice of yours. I wonder why there is a pickle with lipstick on there?

Level Fifty-Eight (There's something):
Hold your left mouse button over the white box on the left side and move it to the right while still holding your mouse button. Text should appear that says Press Esc. So, press esc, until the spikes hit you.

Level Fifty-Nine (The end-five):
Keep heading to the right. keep going, really.

Level sixty (Jesse's Computer):
If you kill yourself enough on the level, it fades several times then the the end appears. Click on the period in the words the end and a new level will appear.

Level Sixty-One (Extra level):
run to the right and jump on invisible block. Then jump on statues mouth. then it will shiver... i have no Idea what to do after that... help if you can.... thanks..

Level Sixty-Two (Extra Level):
Click on the small, small dot below the japanese words on the top left of the screen on the level above. No, That is not a piece of dirt on your computer monitor... (Clean it off if you need help seeing it) It takes you to the world of pink!

Please feel free to tell me what you thought of this Walk through and what you think that I could do better in it or if you just plum loved it. Thanks, and remember, no commenting in the comments on Super Karoshi when you can come here!! THANKS!!


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World of pink(level 62) has no answer I see. I can't find it myself. I did notice a couple of interesting thigns though...

All of the colors are inverted. Is aw that the ground was not the usual turqoise color. It's pink. I went into paint and colored the entire screen pink. Then I went to image and inverted the color. It was turqoise, just like the ground in the regulaur levels. Also, the backroudn is black, and the opposite of black is white. White is the color of the backrouind in the regualur levels. I don't think this is a coincidence.I inverted all of the other colors, and here is a key of colors you can use-

Ingame color-Pink Inverted Color-Greenish-Turqoise

Ingame color-Red Inverted Color-Light Blue

Ingame color-Black Inverted Color-White

Ingame color-White Inverted Color-Black

Ingame color-Skin Inverted Color-Blue(the skin for Karoshi is the same, so I'm assuming you shouldn't have to invert his face).

A strange invertion we come across is the thing in the middle with the different shades of blue. I experimented with three colors- my light blue got orange, my darker light blue got brown, and my blue got tan. I'm trying to make a picture except with the colors inverted right now....


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The Picture is Done! I don't know how to upload it though, since it apparently needs to be a URL, and I don't know any place that it can be uploaded to the web.


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simple place is I upload some game images there when Im in a rush to post them on forums for other game sites...I knwo there could be better places but thats my suggestion... and I bow to your discovery GamesArmor...I didnt relize the colors were inverted...and Royadin your walkthrough for lv 62 should be for lv 61 since lv 61 is clicking on the dot (and I lol at those who thought it was a smudge on your monitor....and yes I thought it was too lolz)


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K ill google Photobucket. Be right back...


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Tha's odd, it says im ineldgible. I'm 13...


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I just cant find the bonus levels


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i got to the second extra lvl but there is no invisible platforms like the first one


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sorry to post again but if you restart it goes back to level 60

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