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The Way of Moderation has ended (page 566)

Posted Jan 12, '11 at 6:48am



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Cool, (I mean Chill) I've got something ready for you which shall be launched at the appropriate time!

Some intermediate entries are coming in, otherwise I'm ready to post my next part. The "tissues required" part.

Efan, I'll be getting you to write another segment soon.

Same goes for you, Hectic!

As for other participants, you'll be required to make a decision in the coming week, I will contact you all by email.


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Hectichermit stood in the shadow of tree lazy deep in thought about a forgotten place, A low echo rippled across his ears as minutes passed the echo grew into a beating thunder until his concentration could no longer ignore the sounds the green vast country around him disappeared in a puff of smoke and a cold dull gray walls of a round room.

The hermit wandered towards the doors of the Imaginarium when a bang shattered the crystal glass entry, a feature there for others to view ones thought projections now scattered into shards across the floor. There stood the simplest crude creatures in the world of Internetland they are everywhere showing off by constantly fighting....Stickmen. The hermit knew of their insidious appetite for battle so he did the one thing they couldn't understand become motionless.

As they stood looking upon Hectichermit their confusion grew into an agitation an angry they infuriated them they charged towards the hermit but as they approached they crossed the Threshold. As the stickmen approached the hermit the world around them grew into a black void, dazed by the sudden changed in the world around them, their sight fell upon a small light in the distance they walked towards it. A pearl sized gem glowing with a soft light one of them picked it up and was attacked by another stickman.

The hermit sat in the shadows watching them hover over the gem one by one, he projected the image of himself onto each stickman right at the moment they saw each other eventually they killed each other from these illusions. The last one picked up the gem from what he thought was the hermit but was actually his friends cold dead body. When his blood stained hands touched the gem the room returned to normal. While the last stickman looked upon his fallen comrades, the hermit thrusted a syringe containing a powerful drug into his back that knocked him out cold. Hectichermit escaped threw the Imaginarium doorway before reinforcements came...


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Sorry for the grammatical errors, I sorta forgot to proofread :P

the third paragraph should read
"As They stood staring at Hectichermit their confusion grew into anger. They charged towards the hermit but as they approach they crossed the threshold of the room. The world around them disappeared into a black void, blinded by the darkness their gaze fell on a small light in the distance. It was a pearl sized gem glowing with soft light, as the stickmen approached it they began to fight each other."

sorry for the double post, and confusing paragraph


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I'm not sure if communications dropped off but currently I'm waiting on crimsonblade to submit his entry before I post the next episode.



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Just a reminder, Hectic and I need our entry posted in your archive? Just trying to be helpfull :)


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ok so I will go ahead and post then:

Round 10 part 3: Timothy 6:10

When Crimson arrived to the bank, the situation was worse then he had expected. The area had been completely captured and fortified by raiders and trolls. At this moment in time he realized that he could do nothing more here, and that his abilities would best be served elsewhere, but before he took off,  he saw in  the corner of his eye two people standing on a rooftop, on the opposite side of the courtyard in front of the bank. He pulled out what could be described as a teleportation spell, and with what looked like a gang sign he appeared slightly in the air behind them, falling then immediately toppling across a number ceiling tiles, before being grabbed by his throat.
"Whose are you!" the burly one assertively whispered.
"well actually I was wondering the same about you bu-" Crimson tried to explain.
"Just tell me who you are!" she demanded abruptly.
"Crimson, Wood King" he answered.
"A veteran eh?" she said as she let go of him.
"If that's what you want to call me." he stated, adding" If I'm not mistaken you two must be AsherLee and DragonMistress then?"
"What gave us away?" AsherLee asked.Crimson couldn't tell whether she was being sarcastic or not, so he responded anyways.
"last time I checked 8 foot tall women and dominatrix's are in short supply around here"
"How about we save the introductions for later?" DragonMistress interjected, gazing at the army below them.


Posted Jan 22, '11 at 6:03pm



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Efan: Everything's ready to store in the archive when the time comes!

Adding finishing touches to the next installment today.


Posted Jan 23, '11 at 7:55am



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Are you ready?

Warning: I'm going to leave you hanging.


When I'm Gone

For all his agility, a man-sized ninja horse who had to bounce over buildings was easily matched by a building-sized mutant troll who could walk straight through them. Strop raced over the rooftops but frustratingly, he could barely keep the backs of the troll horde in sight. Frustration turned to desperation as they neared the courts, for if nobody was there to stop them, they would simply walk all the way through the Courts, then up to the Castle, and then-

The farthest troll suddenly reared back, roaring and clutching its face before crashing to the ground, flattening a nearby shop. The other mutant trolls stood their ground, forming a circle, the momentary pause allowing Strop to scramble up the nearest building, then up the leathery arm of one of the giants. With a confused grunt, it turned its knobbly head just in time for Strop to spring off its shoulder, rising up to eye-level, summon his banhammer, and slam it directly into the troll's temple. As it fell, Strop rode the bumpy length of its body until he slid off the troll's toes and landed in the middle of the courtyard of the Great Courts, where he came face to face with the spaminator bot, Flipski, laser ready to shoop again.

"YOU SHALL NOT PASS", Flipski blared, firing more bolts at the closing trolls. Yet as quickly as he felled them, the trolls merely shook their heads, stood back up and resumed their inexorable advance.

"Flipski, they're mutant trolls." Strop yelled. "They must've been flamed and come back, now even a perma won't stop them, they keep coming back for more!"

IMAGE (I'll draw this one later, probably Tuesday)

"BANNING," was all Flipski said, before he fired again. Scratching his head, Strop racked his brains for any more effective solutions but since this was the end result of feeding the troll, the only hope they had was to keep banning the trolls until they gave up. That was when he spotted the brain in a jar, in its habitual chuck-wagon, nestled behind Flipski's leg.

"Moe!" Strop almost fainted with relief. "We could use some help!" If there was a coolest head in the moderation team, it had to be Moe, and not just because of the hydro cooling system for his nutrient goop, which was normally reserved for supercomputers. If anything, he was the one who built the Courts, he of all mods would be the best equipped to save it. "Can't you get out here and use telekinesis or something?"

The trolls advanced another step forward, now threatening the first of the Court houses. The valves on Flipski's shoulder started whistling, steam blowing out of them. "He's overheating!"

But all Moe could manage was a monotonous, "I can't."

Strop threw a glance over his shoulder, and saw a troll take a clumsy swipe at Flipski, the massive hand scraping up cobblestones and almost blowing him over from the force of the wind. The troll stumbled, and leant against a Courthouse, causing several windows to shatter and part of the wall to cave in.

"Moe, this is no time for stage-fright!"

Moe still didn't budge. "I'm sorry Strop, I can't. I've lost my powers."

Flipski let loose another volley into the nearest troll, but the shot faded, the blow-off valves already glowing red. The other trolls picked themselves up again, and advanced, shoulders clashing with each other. Around them, the Court houses started crumbling, crushed under the legs and bodies of the trolls.

"What do you mean!?" Strop screamed, almost incoherently, as bricks and shards of glass fell around them with an almighty clatter.

"I can't do anything. It's been this way for months. I hoped the problem would fix itself before anybody found out, but..." Moe stopped, partially drowned out by the thunderous footsteps of dozens of trolls standing around them, not a hundred paces away. A sickening realisation hit Strop, all the worse for the fact that it was too late to do anything about it now.

"Darn it!" he shouted. "Darn it, darn it, darn it! If only I'd taken the time to act on my suspicions sooner."

"And what is that?" Moe asked.

"Where were you at the time Zophia threw the F-bomb at me and enacted rule 63?"

There was a moment's pause punctuated by a cheyow and a resounding crash. "Of all the things it could have been," was all probably-female-Moe could manage. "No wonder I had to take a break from my thesis."

"Great. And I don't even know how Zophia and Ubertuna are doing." Strop scuffed the ground with his hoof, every major organ in his body sinking. "Well, we've got until Flipski's laser gives out. Then-"

"OVERHEATED. COMMENCING COOLING CYCLE," Flipski blared, shaking his laser cannon arm futilely. "You got any other tricks, Flipski?" Strop pleaded. Flipski shook his head. Strop gritted his teeth, wielding that banhammer that had served him through thick and thin, Thor.

"Then I guess we'll just have to do as much as we can. At least die trying!" he muttered, preparing to make a last-ditch dash at the nearest troll, already lumbering towards the trio. But a massive metal arm barred his path.

"HALT." Flipski instructed Strop, who turned to him confused. Wordlessly, Flipski lifted Moe's jar from its wagon in one gauntleted mecha-hand, and handed it to Strop.

"Flipski, please don't do this," Moe begged.

Around them, the trolls jostled, all trying to be the first one to make it past the other. The ground shook with their struggle. Flipski was already drawing a circle around the ring placed squarely in the middle of his chest. The one that was surrounded by the black and yellow danger stripes, that had written, in ALL CAPS, the very clear instruction "DO NOT PRESS". With a faint whirr, an almost invisible covering over the shiny red button retracted, and Flipski placed his hand over it. Moe immediately redoubled the pleading.

"Flipski, aren't we best friends? Weren't we going to take a trip up the coast after all this was over? Just you and me and the chuck wagon? Who's going to pull the wagon if you go? What will I do without you?"

"TAKE CARE OF MOE," Flipski instructed Strop, who could only blink at Flipski with a frown of concern. "Flipski, what are you doing?" he protested. "There has to be another way." Flipski shook his head. Moe protested also, but Flipski just kept shaking his head. One of the trolls braced, causing a great crack to appear in the cobblestones, and shoved the other trolls to the side, sending them into the courthouses on the side, reducing them to rubble and clouds of dust.

"THIS IS THE ONLY WAY. NOW GO," Flipski said, turning his attention to the breakaway troll, covering the gap to them in two great strides. Strop had just enough time to swing his banhammer upwards with one hand, barely deflecting a meaty fist ten times his size, sending it into the ground where it burrowed so deep the tiles around it splintered like chalk. Strop cast one final look over his shoulder, to see Flipski standing there, stock steady, hand poised, as the other trolls started to move also, coming for Strop and Moe, for Flipski, and past him, towards the greatest court, and the gateway to Armor Castle. Then, cradling Moe's jar in his arms and ignoring his bleatings of "Do not want", Strop dug his hooves in, and ran.

With a resolute finality, Flipski pressed his DO NOT PRESS button.


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I did forget to mention, the soundtrack to when the super mutant trolls appear?

Hit 5 once the page loads. In my head it continues all the way through, Crimson's scene with the dialogue coinciding with the quiet section, then picking up volume all the way up to the point Flipski presses his DO NOT PRESS button.

Immediately when that happens, switch to this... and you'll see what happens after!

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