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666 armor points!

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Posted Mar 25, '08 at 12:21pm



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it doesnt show my reffers and mermits how do u make it so u see it?


Posted Mar 25, '08 at 12:23pm



254 posts

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I started february 11 Monday 2008 i Really like life style rpgs so if you know any tell me them on comment page or something.And i have a dog name buddy lol.I add anyone as a friend if you want me as a friend just ask on the comment page just say you added me so i can add you .and also i clean out my page of comments every once in a while so spamming on my page is a waste of time.
and also check out my bunny woot woot!

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royandgrand says:

Posted at 11:34am on 3/25/2008

no its my easter bunny

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crazynaitor says:

Posted at 8:30am on 3/25/2008

Is that a playboy bunny or something?

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jake00025 says:

Posted at 7:23am on 3/25/2008

is that the cind of bunny i thank it is

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SeoMX says:

Posted at 11:33pm on 3/24/2008

how are you??

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firetail_madness says:

Posted at 6:56pm on 3/24/2008

Well, cool.

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Posted Mar 25, '08 at 12:33pm



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Yep, this has certainly turned into spam.