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Posted Mar 25, '08 at 12:34am



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Not to promote the fact that i dont have a social life or anything but i was able to beat assassins creed in 2 days. Loved it but the storyline was crap.... It was all historical and the end was a bit creepy and all but i thought it was a bit of a radical apocalypse theory. The gameplay though, was great. It reminded me of Prince of Persia but it was much easier. The boss battles, are sort of lame, but the street break outs are great. Any1 who for some reason is still on it.... stuck maybe... Just continuously grab and throw gaurds to stay alive. That or play defensively, and just use counter attack and dodge. Imo, Counter attack is the best part of the game, gorey, gut ripping finishing moves ftw! Comments


Posted Mar 25, '08 at 10:06am



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I love Assassins' Creed! I learned a wierd glitchish thing when fighting. Right when you attack press the guard button and then keep attacking and constantly mash the x button when a guy attacks you, you will automatically counter attck. Rinse repeat... Q(-_-Q)


Posted Mar 25, '08 at 11:19am



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Guys, this topic exists already. Please check out the sticky to see the link for it. Thanks!