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Posted Mar 27, '08 at 10:23pm



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lol if you really,really want it and you're not gonna get it for a long time download the demo over and over agian or bitorrent it (bad bad)


Posted Mar 28, '08 at 12:50am



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Last time I checked, you couldn't just keep downloading the demo over and over again. Once the 30-days is up, it's up.


Posted Mar 28, '08 at 1:43pm



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You seem new to flash development, and it takes a while to learn, so I dont recommend you go and buy Flash CS3 unless you know how to use it. A solution to this is to either:
1: Download the demo of flash and find a crack or keygen. Then enter the keygen or crack in the registration section when your demo runs up. (illegal)
2: Download the full flash program off of a torrent site. Just watch out for viruses and other nasty surprises. (illegal)
3: Try the demo and learn as much as you can, then actually fork out the cash and buy the full version.

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