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FF7: Crisis Core

Posted Apr 2, '08 at 8:41am



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To me compared to the original ff7 is way better, this one was way to easy to me i was disappointed


Posted Apr 2, '08 at 9:09am



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Mm don't think that is too easy , the game is very long and not very easy!! You can die easily!! The game i think is like 60 hours of gameplay or 40 , don't know but it's very long.


Posted Apr 2, '08 at 10:37am



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If people think it is too easy, there is a Harder mode you can choose when you start a new game.

The game only gets a little too easy, I admit, if you make some killer Materia in-game. For more of a challenge, just use the standard Materia. I made Dark Thungaga, and I destry everything. Which is nice, because it gives you the real sense of being a SOLDIER 1st Class. Infact, Zack really is second only to Sephiroth.

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