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xbox live vs w.o.w

Posted Apr 2, '08 at 4:09pm



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get xbox live instead wow just loses people there social lives all they do is play game, eat, sleep and go to school/work plus xbox live is cheaper


Posted Apr 2, '08 at 5:34pm



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WoW is sooo great, but it involves a bunch of meeting the right people, farming (boring), and making sceduals to run high level places. I had to quite WoW because I could not get good armor because I did not have prior experiance to teh instances. I did not have prior experiance with the instances because I never ran them. I never ran them because my armor was not good enough. My armor was never good enough because I never got a bunch of gold realy fast and easily (the rich get richer... the poor farm for days).

When you play xbox live, you jump right into any action there is and you are generaly set from the beggening. If you are not set from the beggening and you have to work for certain acheivments, then at least you can rely on yourself to get them instead of typing "LvL 70 lock LFG Anywere" and getting messages like "sorry, we need a mage instead of a lock" or find a group only to be kicked for some one else's friend.

I used to play WoW, I play xbox live now. I miss WoW but xbox live is better in my opinion.

If you do decide to get WoW, make a female character. Nerds will always take an under leveled, under geared, under experianced gamer chick of the wrong class before someone who is simply under geared or not the exact class that is wanted (warlocks and mages are very simular value... and people are stubbern).

Hope my little rant helps = D

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