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Posted Mar 27, '08 at 12:49am



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Hello there,

Just to indtroduce you with Indie Music Artists, cause I like them, and it gives you discoveries of new artists.
If you are a fan of Indie Artists, post your fave Indie Artists here please.

Here are mines:

The Crystal Method
General MIDI
Infected Mushroom
Alien Project

They're all Electronic artists because I love electronic.

Try visiting for more Indie Music/Artists


Posted May 7, '08 at 8:30am



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I really love Indie music too!
My favourite indie bands are:

The White Stripes
The Kills
The Strokes
The Hives
The Raconteurs

(I don't know if some of it ain't Indie...)

But those are really great!
I really enjoy Indie music.

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