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Assualt On Solar Station Anubis (Intro part 1 of 2) Science Fiction

Partly inspired by "The space game"

The station floated peacefully in space. Its massive Solar arrays spread out like a giant web of wings. Facing the large sun Simius12, That was glowing brighter than ever. The protective electric field is shimmering in the sunlight a few millimeters from the stations aluminum alloy exterior. It spins slightly in this calm place. Like a sunflower, Its petals concave into the sun, the spherical center of the flower is the command center, with several ports to land a ship. One small ship named the Klenduthu is ported next to an array.

As the station spins it is revealed that there is a large hole in it created by a blast. It is marked with dark soot and twisted metal. Furniture and in shuttle accessories slowly float out. The electric field spreads itself thin over the hole. Something is wrong here.

Suddenly the electric field covering the entire station simply vanishes.

"They shut down the electric shields"

Tayet was looking out one of the windows when he heard the announcement of the station manager Baht. He slowly turned his towards the middle aged fat man.

"I suppose this nullifies our peace proposal." Tayet says with a calm clear voice, as if expecting this result. He pushes himself of the wall and towards Baht down the narrow corridor. His lean body floats swiftly through the air and his shoulder length brown hair waves in the zero gravity. He reaches Baht and grabs him by the top front of his shirt.

"Listen to me, if you do not give us the code right away those pirates are going to bombard us with cosmic rays, we have no shields and will fry within minutes. Give me the code, I will use the cells to create another field."

"But, But it is impossible. We do not have the equipment to even make another generator" Baht now confused and helpless. A moment passes where Tayet stares him down with his green eyes. Both men tired, sick and very pale from the low oxygen levels. Tayet spoke.

"What would you rather have, try nothing? or the Impossible?"

Bhat looks away and thinks for the second. He weighs the situation, then decides.

"By the power invested in me by the Giza Solar cooperation, I here by-"

"Cut the Bullshit!"


"Thank you" Tayet then turns back to the other side of the corridor "Amon! Xerxes!...16-9-1-EX3, bring the cells to the command center. We don't have all day so hustle!"

He then turns back to baht, puts his left hand over his own wide full lips and nose. A thing he does out of habit when he is nervous.

"I hope it is not too late"

To be Continued in a much longer "Intro part 2"


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I like space-stories.


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It's not bad, it's a quite good space story. It's interesting, but for having a better opinion I have to read the next part too.


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Pretty good, though you divulge a few too many details which are unneeded, which truncates the flow of the story a bit. Try using stronger nouns and verbs so you won't need to use adjectives and adverbs so much for adequate description - it'll optimize the flow.


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Goumas13 Yeah next part is coming soon, probably by tonight.

@ Thisisnotanalt Thanks for the constructive criticism, I will heed your advice and see what happens


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Sorry, dudeguy45, I love space stories, I am currently working on one based on Darkbase 2 the hive. watch this space.


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Last Stand - The Helicopter Crash

The immense feeling of euphoria as we flew away from the small outpost we had created and defended for so many days was the strongest emotion I have ever felt. The Military had just saved us in time before the swarms of zombies could get to us. I felt my spirit elevated and for the first time, relief.

Myself and the others, a hand full of survivors that were left, had not slept in days, after we got used to the hum of the chopper and the feeling of flying, most of us fell asleep instantly. Only the pilot and his crew man seemed to be in high spirits. I wonder,where they came from, was there hope? Was there salvation?

My dreams led me to a familiar place of horror and disgust, I could still smell the decomposing flesh, My cloths were drenched in it. The sheer battle to survive, the fright of having to reload when a runner was speeding towards you. The breaking of barricades. I could still hear them, groaning. The sound that could never let you sleep. I could hear a groan now, but, why does it have the sound of a machine with it?

The commotion brought me out of deep sleep, before I could orientate my self and react I heard a loud roar.


My eyes opened to see one of my fellow survivors, Tim, lunge for the crew man. Biting his nose off. The screams were louder even than the helicopter. This got Tim's attention and he attacked the others. He was still fresh, a runner.

Where was my gun? SHIT!!! The crew man packed them away in a compartment. The only piece was the crew mans piece still in his holster. He was clutching his severed nose and screaming in pain. My belt held me in position. The Chopper started going out of control on its path as the pilot panicked and glanced behind.

Tim now done with all the survivors expect Myself and Charlie, (because we were seated on the opposite end), now jumped back on the crew man and bit him in the neck. Perhaps we were in his blind spot for him to see us.

"Throw me the gun!" I shouted. But his pain seemed to daze him. He knew it was over for him, he was in the process of accepting it. He just wanted the least amount of pain on his journey to the end.

"THROW THE FUCKING GUN!!!". He seemed to be far off, but then he reached into his holster.

Tim looked up and finally saw us as the pilot donned on a para-shoot. Tim...I mean the zombie jumped through the air towards us. It seemed to float through the air towards us, yes, it was floating, even if for a split second. We were loosing altitude and so gave the effect of reduced gravity. The Zombie landed on charlie and bit his chin off.

Blood gushed out and onto my body, I closed my eyes in order not to get its saliva in there. When I opened them I saw it turn towards me with malice and evil intent. This was it, I had survived 20 days in a God forsaken place, fighting for my life for it all to end on my way to salvation.

The Pilot opened his door and a very strong breeze came in. It hit us both, strong enough to pin us to the wall. It didn't like this, Through the sound of Charlie screaming I could hear its groan of displeasure. It turned towards the pilot, saw his escape attempt and leaped for him. As it floated towards the cockpit, the crewman managed to do one last good deed. In one foul swoop he slid the glock out of its holster towards me. Even after it had left his hand he kept it up, giving it a deeper meaning.

The two floating objects seemed to pass each other slowly in this adrenalin filled time slowed moment. The zombie landed and the gun landed in my hand. He bit the pilot in the back and I shot Charlie in the head. At this point he was the most risky to me. The zombie heard this and leaped back towards me, This time I had clear vision and a gun.

Its funny how blood and brains can float so beautifully through the air at zero gravity, its funny how a pilot tries to save a helicopter from crashing a few hundred feet from its eminent collision. Its funny how the fetal position can feel so comforting.

It was my first crash. The attempts of the pilot helped save my life.

I shot the rest in the head before I crawled out of the chopper. We had landed in some sort of field, and I could see a town and a small house to my left. I saw a lone zombie enter that house to inspect it. I couldn't help thinking

Here we go again

To be continued...


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Welcome. I also noticed your tense was kind of odd, but it worked surprisingly well.


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Hahahaha yeah, I think I kind of use the tense that I feel carries the best emotions at the time. Its not correct English but if it works it works hahaha


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Last Stand (post2) - The first days after the crash (day1)
(Please read post 1 first)

I stepped into the small building, it was nothing much, a locker room with a few boxes and creates. The Zombie was in the middle, just standing there looking bored. Half dazed. I had found enough ammo for my glock in the chopper, but one thing I Learned from my previous experience was that every bullet counts.

I picked up a near by pipe and slowly tip toed towards it. At this point I suppose people would be thinking about what they are doing, and if it is considered murder. Do they feel anything? Does part of who they were still exist inside? Not me, oh no, this was routine. I could be playing baseball for all I cared.

With one strike I decapitated it. Moved the body out of the way and started setting up a barricade. It was too late to look for a new place now. The night was coming, and so were they. I arraigned the boxes and searched through some, nothing.

There was no door and so I would have to stay up all night defending the place. during the day I could sleep. It seems they do not like the heat, or maybe the light. I was starting to miss Charlie's sense of humor. He always made up stories about some zombies we encountered. "Uh look at that bitch over there, that is the wrong outfit to die in, walking around looking like she a zombie tomato, Bitch red ain't your color!!!"

It wasn't funny, but was better than nothing, its amazing what can make you smile when the shit hits the fan and you are fighting for survival. His best joke so far was about the naked fat man that we met on day 17. "Well if it ever came down to it, I would have to go wi-"


do you hear that?

I twisted my body around as fast as I could, from the corner of my eye I saw a doberman running towards me, my hand reached into my pants and pulled out the glock. I swung my arm out. The pitch black eyes of the dog gave no clue as to where it was looking, but I knew they were on me.

By the time my hand had swung round to point the gun at the dog it had already leaped towards me. Instinctively I jumped back and raised the gun higher. We were locked in this perpetual cycle. My gun floating towards its head, and its body floating towards me. If my life did not depend on it, I would have enjoyed this portrait, this work of art and critique of life.

The Bullet soured through its skull and out the other end. Taking out the Medulla oblongata for sure. That is if dogs had one, I wasn't sure. It did the trick. The now lifeless body landed above my head as I lay on the floor. Not moving.

I lay there, enjoying the feeling of living, once more. I liked the cool of the cement floor, how my body just relaxed and let go of everything. I wasn't tense for the first time in a long time. I had to get up, I knew I had to. The gun shot was sure to attract many more. I didn't want to. I wanted to just be there, and let everything go.

Like on a Saturday morning after a long week at school. Or on a day my mother would spoil me a little by letting me enjoy the dinner we had just eaten on our couch, doing my dishes for me.

Now I was mother, I was my own responsibility. Even more so from the moment I had stabbed her in the head as she tried to bite me.

They came.

I stood up, lay down several ammo magazine clips out onto the top of the barricade, two in my hand facing opposite directions. I took my stance and faced the door. The first ones came running.

I would like to tell you I was a good shooter, I would also like to tell you I had total control over my nerves. However I didn't.

I sprayed them as they came in, aiming mainly for the head. They went down one by one, some made it to the barricade and started tearing it up but I took them down. dogs and humans alike.

There were fat ones, slow ones, fast ones, skinny ones. There were some whose decomposition had turned them green. Others were just puss filled. And it flew out like someone had swung a packet of mayonnaise against the wall.

When the clip was almost empty, (and I have a good feel of this), I would fire all the bullets except one, push the button on the side to drop the magazine and reload. This saved me from having to re-cock the gun, or use more force for the double action. Plus during reload time I would have a spare bullet just in case.

I was by now fighting the sparse remnants. It was over, I would survive. There was enough ammo to spare.

When the sun came out I rested. dragged the bodies outside and burnt them. enough disease was going round, I didn't need any extra.

After getting ready I went out into the town. Nothing special happened during the trip so I will skip it. All you need to know is that in the super market, sheriff's office and the old house at the edge of town I found enough supplies for one day of travel and a survivor ironically called Tim, I laughed when he got past his shivering to tell me his name.

Its amazing what can make you laugh, when the shit hits the fan. Last night was easy, but it was supposed to be, I had just landed and most never knew I was there, or would take time to eventually reach me. It will get close in the future. I will need better guns, more help and a plan, some form of direction.

I know the helicopter came from somewhere, We have to reach a heaven. That was my hope, my reason.

to be continued

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