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Posted Feb 16, '11 at 6:14am



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My favorite sites are: Armor Games, Kongregate, GetSatisfaction, Google, Yahoo, Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia, Bing, Nation States, Formspring, Xat, Adult Swim, Game Stop, Best Buy, Walmart. I feel as if that I am missing some sites.

Armor Games - Great forums and Awesome games. Bad thing is there are a few idiots that like to spam/troll/flame.

Kongregate - The wonderful games they have. Bad thing is there are many idiots that like to spam/troll/flame.

GetSatisfaction - Help people over there. Also your threads will get seen more by the Administrators of AG. Bad thing - There are no bad things about it.

Google - Search engine. Very accurate.

Yahoo - For my e-mail and also the news thing that pops up on the homepage.

Myspace - My playlist on my profile. Bad thing - I get too many random friend request from morons.

Facebook - Chat with my in real life friends. Bad thing is that I get a lot of friend request from strangers.

Youtube - For funny videos/music. Bad thing, sometimes the videos that I want aren't on Youtube.

Wikipedia - Somewhere that you get a great description of something.

Bing - Nice search engine.

NationStates - Just a fun game that I play from time to time.

Formspring - A place where I answer questions.

Xat - A place where I chat with people.

Adult Swim - Great games over there. Bad thing, no forums.

GameStop - To see the deals on video games and consoles.

Best Buy - Same as above. Also to see the electronic prices.

Walmart - A place where I can buy anything and everything from.


Posted Feb 18, '11 at 5:11pm



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Posted Mar 25, '12 at 6:46pm



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Either this site or this site
They're both really cool


Posted Mar 26, '12 at 3:31am



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my favs are cracked- for the times i am bored and need to spend some time
youtube- same reason as above....
verge- for checking out on new gadgets etc.....
and just a mmorpg i play.....


Posted Mar 26, '12 at 12:38pm



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According to my most visited sites:,,,,,, and lastly So basically I play a lot of games.

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