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Xbox 360 vs. Wii U vs. Playstation 3

Posted Aug 29, '09 at 11:48am



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let's see here....Xbox 360...

The reason i chose it is because even though it breaks down probably once a year..and it needs to taken care of really is so much more fun than the PS3...So, dont cross over to the dark side


Posted Aug 29, '09 at 2:59pm



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360 it has some of the besst game play and game choices. really amazing graphics and plus is online enabled. you can get downloads and full games and arcade games it makes it a reeally kool game consol one of the best for sure. plus you can check up on your profile by going on the internet on your puter. oh and you have anavatar and can get cool outfits and stuff based on the games that are sold in stores like halo, gears, fable, etc.


Posted Aug 29, '09 at 9:20pm



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Wii is fun but you can actually play the games by sitting on your arse and flicking your wrists in the desired fashion (could say the same for late night browsing on pc... lol) PS3 is WAAAY outta my price range for just a home console.

--*360*-- all the way baby. best price... best games...
paying for content and gold account kinda sucks tho.

I would get the others if I had the cash. ah well... better go pimp mysel on the street for that to happen.


Posted Aug 29, '09 at 11:53pm



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XBOX 360 all the way, graphics for most games are sick as hell, it has alot more good games than wii ans PS3 cuz the only games they have are brawl and god of war. its only 50 bucks a month for superior online play and unlike the ps3 has useful features like the fact u can start a game from the dashboard and play games while things download etc. AND froject natal is coming and that is far more superior than the wii because absolutely nothing is needed to play(exept a body but thats pretty easy to provide).


Posted Aug 30, '09 at 12:32am



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you have to pay for xbox 360 online gaming?

lol in wii you have this thing that lets you talk and hear other peoples voices thats something


Posted Aug 30, '09 at 8:38am



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Honestly, I have to go PS3, and this is coming from an owner of a 360.

It has some of the most amazing graphics I've seen, and that goes for pretty much all of its games. With the three systems, it also probably lasts longest when heated. It can be on for over 12 hours with no problems, well the Wii and 360 cap at about 8. Also, this may just be opinion, but the Sony community is hell of a lot nicer, whereas Microsoft and Nintendo never answer support, and are to money hungry to care.


Posted Aug 30, '09 at 3:08pm



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this is a toughy i would have to go with the ps3 because the 360 has to many manufacturing problems but it also i think has better exclusives like halo and gears of war but the ps3 is not far behind having free internet access being whisper quiet and a hard drive with more memory so the ps3 gets my vote.


Posted Aug 30, '09 at 6:06pm



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PS3 Is the most reliable system out there!I dont know any1 whose had a problem with it but with the 360 all my friends who have have 1 theyve broken. wii is in the middle with fun at a hight but graphics at a low


Posted Aug 30, '09 at 7:02pm



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Nintendo Wii I love the Nintendo wii because of it's interactiveness, the graphics aren't perfect, but Nintendo has never been known to lead that category, they lead the industry in creativity.


Posted Aug 30, '09 at 9:33pm



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Hardcore Review of the Consoles:

Nintendo Wii I love the Nintendo wii because of it's interactiveness, the graphics aren't perfect, but Nintendo has never been known to lead that category, they lead the industry in creativity.

They also lead it in awkward and gimmicky controls/games.

I find the amounts of shovelware unbelievable for the Wii. Every console has shovelware but the Wii has a ton.

I'm getting rid of my Wii and getting a PS3.

Nintendo overuses it's controls. It also constantly broadcasts that Wii is fun, and gets you fit, and is interactive(A rated E+10 FPS game advertised a kid hiding behind his couch when he got shot at. Fail).

Wii is for super soccer moms. Many a soccer mom's blog have I read that states that Wii was perfect for her 7 year old autistic kid.

Now on to 360...

Seroiusly. If you have a 360, your parents are not cheapskates, lucky for you. If you have an Xbox 360 you are an only child or have rich parents. They cost a ton of money. Online isn't free, you have to buy a ton of asscessories, and they break constantly, with expensive repairs and shipping.

Since Wii is deffinintley out of the race for hardcore gamers, we have Sony to compare to. I see no difference between their libraries. Besides Halo, but those games are way overated.

Now on to Sony...

The most expensive of the consoles, if you only include the console itself. Including all the other stuff like controllers and ascessories, Sony and Nintendo are close in the race.

Sony is going on a good path in my opinion. It always keeps it's controllers the same so you don't have to ajust, a good library of games and retro games, Home, ect ect. I don't see much wrong with this console.

This console has the least amount of fanboys in my opinion.

The console is pretty big... That's one bad thing...

I can't think of anything else.

In my opinion, PS3 wins.


I am a bit of a Sony fanboy, even though I have yet to play the PS3.

Contrary to populaur belief, the Wii does not get you that fit. Anyone that says that is obviously a fanboy.

Casual Review of the Consoles:

Wii would like to see the Wii first.

Wii is PERFECT for casual gamers.

Casual games are not for gamers that play video games 4 hours everyday, casual games are meant to be played in short burts of 3 hours a week.

The whole family can have fun, and it's interactive cotrols are a plus. The whole rated E library also apeals to casual gamers. For casual gamers, there is nothing wrong with the Wii, disregarding the few rated T-M titles.

Now the Xbox 360...

it's library of games discourages the casual from playing a Xbox 360. There are some casual games, not nearly as many as the Wii though.

Now the PS3...

No. Just no. There are only 9/10 casual games out there in the whole library. Just no...

Wii Wins for sure.


The Wii won. What did you expect?

I only covered the library of games since the others were covered in the hardcore review.

-Overall Sidenotes-

It seems like I'm putting down the Xbox360, but I am not. Comparing to the PS3, I just don't find what is so good about it...

I am a hardcore gamer...

-Random Replies to posts in this forum-

I got the xbox 360 and the reason is cause the wii isnt that great and ps3 is to expensive

The Xbox 360 is way more expensive than the others if you count the total cost.

halo, gears, fable, etc.

Those are the only good games excluisive to the 360... rather, the only games exclusive to the 360.
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