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Haiku Contest - Broken Bond (page 531, due: Feb 2)

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Posted Mar 14, '12 at 7:30am



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I wasn't actually asking for the round to be done soon in that goodwill wish....


Posted Mar 15, '12 at 11:25pm



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No clue when I'll get judging done. I is sick.

ok acmed... I hope you get better ASAP

Posted Mar 16, '12 at 2:44pm



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Aww, Acmed's sick.
Please get better, Acmed and judge us good!


Posted Mar 18, '12 at 9:33pm



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Deleted two some pages of witty, wise comments that do not need to be here. It never fails. The judge is late, people get fed up, then they're all "hey, let's make tongue-in-cheek haikus representing how much the judge is late!"

You will wait for the judge to give the ratings. If the thread goes months without a report, then so be it.


Posted Mar 20, '12 at 5:16pm



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I'm here!

Boo yah!

13 of them entries. WOOHOO.

I'm in an oddly good mood today!

Okay, so if you sucked, I mean, didn't place, write me on my wall if you want a comment.

Let the battle begin!


5th Place: dair5

I watch the smog clouds,
My dry mouth waiting for rain,
My sane mind incaged.

This showed the mental part of the theme, dair. Really showed good emotion in there. I like it. +1 internet!

4th Place: DevilishConcoction

Sprinkle on downward,
A quintessent miasma,
Of cleansing power.

Great use of vocabulary. It seems you are quite new here as well. Not bad, placing on the first try. Well done!

3rd Place: invisibleninjagirl

When the floods rise up
And the rain begins to fall,
We dance in the storm.

I like the image you are showing in this one. It's a good way to think of it. Most people find rain a bad thing, you find it joyful, and so do I. 10 points for Gryffindor!

2nd Place: goumas13

Rain falls tenderly
I walk carelessly around,
Catching sly teardrops

Great comparisons in this one! I like it! It showed a great picture and explained it perfectly. Wonderful.

1st Place Merit Winner: HahiHa! (again!)

Calmness enfolds all,
While chill rain drops play me a
Silver symphony

*applauds* You won again, dude. Excellent. You changed the theme in a great way, using exquisite detail. Ask a mod for your merit now. Run along! Congrats!


Otay here we go. That's the show. This round's theme is now Blooming of Life, just in time for Spring. We'll make it due April 1st. And that's, no joke! *laughs at failed pun*.

Good luck!


Posted Mar 20, '12 at 6:28pm



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Primordial soup,
divided and divided,
contemplates itself.


Posted Mar 21, '12 at 9:40am



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Ohh... I didn't place. My haiku was poor, I know. *sniff*


Little hands uncurl
a new heartbeat joins the throb
life begins again


Posted Mar 21, '12 at 6:18pm



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Barren, Desolate
this was once the world's landscape
now life flourishes


Posted Mar 21, '12 at 6:33pm



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Seeing the beauty.
Living it to the fullest.
The Blooming of Life.

What do we get if we win?


Posted Mar 21, '12 at 6:58pm



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Seeing the blood
Drip down my arm
I think life restarted