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Haiku Contest - Broken Bond (page 531, due: Feb 2)

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Posted Jul 22, '12 at 11:08pm



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Hellllllllo my pretties, I am here for judging AGAIN.... on a record 2-streak.

So the theme was Quiet night on the town.

Described any town in North Dakota Award

Night fall bestows us.
Silence eats of all the sounds.
The forgotten town.

I like it, good vocab with "bestow" and such. You added grammar to yours which never hurts. You give the sense of the town being lonely and forlorn. Good Haiku.

Them Gosh Darn Kids Award

Nothing can be heard
For nobody will listen
Paradise for us.
This is how I feel at night in my town. I love the feeling, and I like your second line especially. Everything checks out. Good job.

"killersup? Oh, We've Got Quite A File On Him..." Award

Bloody walkways
Carcasses pile on corners
Quiet nights in town
Oh, killersup. Don't worry, I've gone to the counsler's before too. Mostly on bull**** accounts but on a few "disturbing" papers I wrote. But now, instead of going to the counselor, I want you to go to the math department, seeing as your first line is 4 syllables and your second is 8. Don't kill me.

And Not a creature was stirring... Award

Clamor lulled to sleep
From the darkness of the town
Silence awakens
You capture the process of the town being quiet. I like it. Nice first line vocab. "Lulled" as if it is gradual. Good haiku.

Screw the First Amendment Award

Sliding door to door
Hooded monsters with black bags
They sew our lips shut

Well that's one way to get a town quiet. You always have a homicidal twist on your haikus. I like it. Good enough haiku.

King For The Night Award

The city slumbers
I roam the city alone
I'm in control now
Very good. This is how I feel when My friend and I roam the city at night. in control. The boss. Roaming is a fitting word too.

You Have No Friends Award

It's dark and lonely
My legs tremble with dismay
I long for comfort.
Now you take the spin on being alone in the town is bad, nothing wrong with that.Good vocab in the second line, and nice ending line. Good.

Your Body Hates You Award

A Cuban cigar
Some Grey Goose and some brandy
This is quite a life
Oh Orion, you do enjoy the finer things in life. You did cater your haiku to be to my typo, quite night on the town, so I can't really penalize you... but there's nothing about a town soooooooooooo.... satisfactory haiku.

Lol Such A Rebel/Oblivious To Theme Award

These words are arbitrary
Sup tonyallen
The title says it all.

Who needs porn when you have Haikus by Nich Award

Her hushed gasping breath,
Our sweat soaked sheets oozes love,
Whilst the stars twinkle.
winky face means there is sexual content. How juicy. Well I do get the impression of quiet from "hushed", I don;t necessarily get the town part... unless you are making sweet love on the sidewalk or park bench... in which case...

No Drugs Needed Award

Roaming through the town,
blissful experiences.
Trapped in a dream haze.

Near perfect, capturing the Essence of what I was imagining- roaming, dream, bliss. Grrrrrrrrrrrreat job Ghost. You may find a pleasant surprise if you scroll down.

This City Sucks Award

"Silence is calming"
I'm told, but the still strikes of
Dull monotony.
I like whoever uses quotations in a haiku, as it's not that common. You take the turn of the night is boring, and tedious. nice word choice. Good.

And the winner is... Ghost! Superb haiku. I really wish I could award you a merit for that work, but all I have are some turnips.

Hopefully my lazy co-judge will step up next week, so before I forget...

Your Secret Place

Deadline is the 29th.



Posted Jul 23, '12 at 2:19am



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Your Secret Place

There once was a man,
and there once was a woman.
Sexy timez in bed.


Posted Jul 23, '12 at 6:50am



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Chirping of the birds,
Yet silence is all around,
Consumed by the green.


Posted Jul 23, '12 at 1:22pm



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Hidden in my heart
You will have a special place
Now and forever


Posted Jul 23, '12 at 1:50pm



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wait,wait,wait.Where Killersup comes from that was a 5-7-5 haiku....its okay,you will not die....this time.
Just to point it out though.....

Bl-oo-dy walk-ways
Car-cas-ses pile on cor-ners
Quiet nights in town


Posted Jul 23, '12 at 2:20pm



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hiding in the cave
making new experiments
ungodly hell rose


Posted Jul 25, '12 at 1:22pm



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Secret Place

Just beyond the lake
There lies a secret cavern
For the two of us


Posted Jul 25, '12 at 3:35pm



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The trees sway softly,
The birds chirp a cheery tune,
Summer is now here


Posted Jul 27, '12 at 9:16am



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What's up party people?

Just letting you know that I'm back from vacation and will be judging on the 29th! Everyone say thank you to dudeguy. *glares at the children*


Posted Jul 27, '12 at 8:59pm



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your secret Place
Isolated place.
Hidden under your darkness.
Alone just for me.