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Haiku Contest - Broken Bond (page 531, due: Feb 2)

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Posted Sep 14, '12 at 9:01pm



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I'm sure the people that post their haiku's won't be swayed by such pitiful things

You assume too much of humanity at large.

Posted Sep 14, '12 at 9:19pm



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Holy ****, did I not get Mav's joke haiku....


Posted Sep 14, '12 at 9:50pm



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dudeguy posted in the wrong forum! XD anyway here is what he said....

I had a bad case of the homework/cross country/ sleep deprivation/ masturbation is a priority disease. So my apologies to all desperately awaiting their fav contest on AG.

You dishonor ancestors award


covering the shame
brick by brick,again
the wall stands forward

No killing this time killer? But unfortunately, despite your good looks, the form for a haiku is 5-7-5. you have 5-5-5. Sowee plz dont ban meh great theme though.

Brick Layers award


The wall is rising,
For you keep adding layers.
When will it crumble?

Good haiku, it sounds like someone is causing all this trouble that is bound to fall apart. Nice vocab. Kinda relating to the theme, but not as much as I'd like.
It all comes down to this award


Crucial central cube:
Everything falls into place;
Or everything falls.

What a boss. You use grammar to the max, with the ;'s and the :'s. You place much importance on this brick, which is great. Uber vocab. Nicely done.
IQ >70 Award


We cursed the dark host,
A divine sanction to kill,
As the Ark passed by.

The old saying is you got to know your audience. You forget my intelligence is severely lower than yours nicho. I will give you credit for use of big words, but my brain can only figure that this is about an Ark, and there is no mention of "another" or "brick" or "in", nary is there any "wall".
Confucius Say Award


Great Wall of China
How your grace amazes us
With death under stone.

Sorry, I hate Chinese people, you're disqualified. Just kidding. I love the last line, showing how many people died for that wall. I would like more info about another brick in the wall, but i know that's hard with a haiku. Good job.
Please Don't Step On the Grass Award


A blade of grass fights,
Struggles for freedom and light;
Unnoticed by men

I can see what you're doing here. You aren't relating directly to A brick and a wall but the saying "Another brick in the wall", like no different from all the other. It's struggle goes unnoticed due to it's likeness to the other blades of grass. Nice word choice, and great interpretation. Great.
Username Does Not Equal Your Placing Award


I dont like haikus
but i will give it a try
one among many

Congrats on the 2/3 award. Your lines don't match at all. Thanks for playing.
Ghosts Award


You cannot kill us.
Through your iron oppression
Our spirit lives on.

Sorry, no queers allowed in my haiku contest. Your haiku kinda fits the theme, like unity is strength and blah blah blah. i guess you got OK word choice. I guess it is an OK haiku. OK.
Win by Default Award


Have you seen Pinky?
He is not doing too well
He misplaced his mind.

Omg a mod entered the contest I will give him 1st place. You relate the theme to the composers of the song, Pink Floyd. Good job, you look like a true fan. But it's not really really in the theme.... kinda. plz dont ban meh
Complainer Award


Behind these cold eyes
I run in the fires of hell
Looking for a crack

If you didn't complain about your fires syllables, I would have disqualified you. But since you bring up a worthy point, I must say you have an interesting take on the theme. Maybe some punctuation next time? But good word choice and good haiku.
I Ain't Like the Rest Baby Award


They all seem the same
But one stands out among them

I like it, you're saying not all the bricks in the wall are the same; they're diffrent. I also like the one word last line, that shows skill that you can wrap up your whole haiku that way. Good word choice. Awesome.

Winner= hahiha for his interesting take on the theme.

I have no witty picture to post. Goodbye

Posted Sep 14, '12 at 10:01pm



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Good haiku, it sounds like someone is causing all this trouble that is bound to fall apart. Nice vocab. Kinda relating to the theme, but not as much as I'd like.

Spot on, I based it off the Berlin wall >.>.

Posted Sep 14, '12 at 10:09pm



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It was about the walls of Jericho as I mentioned in my post :


Posted Sep 14, '12 at 11:30pm



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The new round begins. As stated earlier, THIS ROUND'S THEME IS: Silence. It will be due by Thursday September 27th 11:59pm AG time.


Posted Sep 15, '12 at 2:11am



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Blackened hearts watching
Slowly lowered with hushed sound
Grievance shows no peace


Posted Sep 15, '12 at 4:23pm



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This round is silence
We should not compose haikus
As we will break it


Posted Sep 16, '12 at 5:28pm



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The void calls to us,
But we can not hear the void.
Until death takes us.


Posted Sep 17, '12 at 12:08pm



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Is there any sound
In the ringing of the mind
When quiet is all