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Posted Apr 5, '08 at 6:37pm



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why do we had to eat or drink or go to school


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Maybe we are created because we need to... I just got this thought, it's hard to explain but mayne we are created just to life and stuff.. But then again you can ask why, to everything. So i guess this will never end, eh? Why do we really need answears from others? I think we are created to find out why. Thats mystiv conclution


Posted Apr 6, '08 at 10:14am



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why did u make this post thats my question?????????????


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Why are we alive?
I believe we are alive to reproduce, and make more life.

Why are we on this planet?
Because it fits our basic neds to live.

Why do all have to die?
Because everything we do wears down our body, so eventually, it won't be able to operate.

Why kill someone?
Because we feel exteme hatred, or we have a problem in our brains leding us to enjoy it. Or oer the primitive idea of fighting over a mate.

Why steal something?
Because we fee the urge to have it, and that appears to be the easiest way to get it.

Because our mind is curious, so we want to know the answer to everything.