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[NECRO] Best Goverment On Colony?

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Posted Jun 19, '12 at 7:05pm



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I kinda like Fascist and the Beatrix build....


Posted Jun 22, '12 at 8:28pm



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hospital on forge is the best

heal all your sakatas

recently ive taken a liking to mon again. i was trolling around as a guest today and 1v1ing random ppl with this build:

bank, post, ops, armory, barracks, arsenal, bank down, hosp, war sanc

with pretty good results O:


Posted Jun 28, '12 at 2:53am



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Facists for me.
Though, I have used the monarcy a couple of times.


Posted Jun 28, '12 at 12:34pm



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I would say I'm the best with Fascism, but overall I say Capitalism is the best. Communism is basically a weaker Capitalism where you only get extra resources from killing units, and only money or influence at random. Monarchy is nice except it is very easy to be good with it whereas it seems like other governments take more skill and experience use them well.


Posted Jun 28, '12 at 1:07pm



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monarchy relies almost entirly upon usuing the special builds.when those special builds run out.the low income of recourses kills you.


Posted Jun 28, '12 at 4:19pm



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monarchy is the easiest, all you have to do is kill time until your influence builds itself up


Posted Jun 28, '12 at 5:25pm



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Nowadays good players use fascist or monarchy.

Reasons (Fascist):

1. Gets out units faster, for pin
2. Build times are faster
3. More energy (usually only good if forge build is used)
4. Faster building of units means farther units are on the field (if good micro is used)

Reasons (Monarchy):

1. Most influence units are strong against low tier units
2. Multiple builds can be used if you need to switch strategies
3. Can use with either forge, outpost, or special operations first (as well as armory but that is less common)

Also the government influences the building tech chosen.

Most Fascists go for forge, most people agree that with good micro and unit choice: Forge > Outpost everytime in Tier 1

Most Monarchists go for outpost, hospital goes with outpost really well: hospital has Saint and Sphinx

Some Monarchists do go for forge however. This can be useful in some situations because of the Mod. Sakata made at the solar grid.

I personally play as Capitalist the most, but I know how to use all the governments.


1. Receives more money every 5 seconds from general income
2. Receives extra resources from all buildings
3. Fastest way to tech up
4. Can go for either outpost or forge strategies.


Posted Mar 13, '13 at 3:26am



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