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Sea of Fire 2 walkthrough

Posted Mar 31, '08 at 10:03pm



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well first of all pick a team,it dosen't matter if you join the new hope alliance or temple of the snakes first thing you should do is build a money raising building then build (if you want barracks or any other facility (such as tanks,light vehicles,or planes)but I would wait till you get at least $15,000 to get that much money quickly click on the money raising building and keep cliking the make money button until you get $100 per dont need to do this on th first few levels but when you get to the harder parts you should use this stratagy. so your base should look like 1 money making building and the rest turrets. after you reach $15,000 you should demolish the money making building and some turrets and launch a full scale attack first come in with a wave of planes ,then tanks then light vehicles then infantry.
I hope this guide will help you beet this stratigic game!


Posted Apr 4, '08 at 2:45pm



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hey i got an idea for the defence for new hope (i killed lot's of snakes with this one) is to have 4 gatling cannons (or 3 and 1 anti missile lazer if they have a rocket base) and upgrade all of them then buld tanks and aicraft and a money base and if you are snakes have anti-infantry (first few levels) and AA guns (when you first see aircraft and whatevr) then add a labor camp and reach 100$ per second then demolish it then build a missile base (make sure you make it strong in case they have anti-lazer) then use your tanks and aicraft too finish 'em off then your done

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