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cube colossus(unlocking weapons and AMUS)

Posted Jul 19, '10 at 1:55pm



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Finally beated loki!All that you need to do is get odin and excalibur and drive cicrle around loki.


Posted Jul 3, '13 at 2:39pm



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i beat loki my first try soooo he aint that hard i used the t3 beam i do believe or the gatlin


Posted Oct 19, '13 at 8:34pm



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Lol... best dps weapon is final upgrade of mine. Survive till your overdrive (with odin or 2nd one) to become invulnerable. Then trail the enemies, your mines should kill Loki or Milli during the duration (and with Milli, you should receive the +50% overdrive bonus to kill the final boss easily too)

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