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Bla bla bla, I'm gonna be short and to the point right now 'cause I had this thing finished but my idiotic sister clicked the "X" button.

First, turn on the light in the center of the screen. Then, click on the right of the screen so that it shows you a poster and a counter. Click on the book to pick it up, it will save your life later on.

Now click on the left of the screen two times so that you're looking at a toilet. Click on the top of it so you're looking down on it. Pick up the matchbox (the matches are supposed to fall out).

Now get back to the regular view of the toilet and click between the toilet and the wall. Pick up the matches. Once again, get back to the regular view of the toilet. Now click to the right once.

Now, click the down arrow (at the bottom of the screen) and pick up the wallet. Click on it in your inventory and open it by clicking the lower right corner of it. Next take out the finger in it by clicking on it and hit the "close" button in the inventory. Next look up once and to the right once.

Now click between the counter and the door and pick up the black cloth. Get back so that you can see the door and click on the black cloth to make it bigger and then click it !once!. You will need this for later on.

Now, click the close button and then select a match. Now that it has become your mouse, click on the matchbox to make it bigger, then click on the side of it with the match to ligh it. Now click "close". Next, click the finger to enlarge the image and then click on the big picture of the finger to light it and find a metal object.

Once it is done burning, click on the "close" button and make sure you are looking at the door with the yellow window. Next, click on the metal piece again so it lights up, then click on the lock in the door. Finally, click on the doorknob to move to the next room.

Once there, make the black cloth you ripped earlier enlarged and then click on it. Once it's on, click on the guard and chose whatever you want to say (they both work).

Once he leaves, close the door and click on the drawer on the right side of the room. Click on the top one and take the screwdriver, then get back to the normal view. Go to the right once and click on the very back (closest to the wall) of the bed.

Now click on the screwdriver to make it light up and then click on the screws in the bed. Now this next direction is optional, if you are easily startled, don't do it. Get back to the normal view of the bed and click on the ventilation shaft. Once you're done awing at the "wonderful" sight, get back to the normal view of the bed and click once to the left.

Click on the hostage in the left of the room once to untie her and once to talk to her. Sadly you have to sit through a conversation (you must click her face in the inventory once). Once she is done with her speech, click on the bed in the inventory.

Now you're on top of the bed. Click near the shining object until it shows the top of the bookshelf. Once there, click on the key. Once you have control of the mouse, click on the door (the one that you see when you and Diala are shown.

Don't worry, she was supposed to die, it was her "Calling". But now, DON'T TURN ON THE LIGHTS!!!!! It will blow your cover and you'll lose the game. Now click to the right of the room two times so you see a door with lightning in the window. Click on the key in the inventory and then the lock on the door.

You will get shot at, but that's what the bible's for. Now, when you have control, click on the guards dead body. Once you've done that, click on the grappling hook to the bottom left of the screen.

Beware, next comes a shooting part and the only advice I can give you here is to have good reflexes and stay alive.

However, if you do manage to kill them all, the character will reveal a disturbing fact about himself.

I hope this walkthrough has helped.

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Looks like you spent some time typing this up...why? There is already a Trapped WalkThrough on the Trapped Game page.

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so fun but my favorite part was wen you kill the sniper doods

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