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well im not going to postthe entire walkthough, just some dosent explain enough to new players.

-you use x to talk, attack, and open your stash.
-you use z to jump, this can be used as a pretty good dodge then attack if you press z then x when you are being attacks by multiple enemies.
-c is used to block attacks
-shop items are random so you cant expect sertain item to be there after a match.
-there are two types of matches: there is survival and there is elimination.
-survival: you have to kill all enemies to win the fight.
-elimination: you have to kill a certain amount of enemies to win a fight.
-there is no real way of losing, if you die then you just leave the arena with more gold.
agility: you movement speed
defense: the more you have the more hits you can take during combat.
attack: the more you have the more damage you do.
guy with the armor and weapons- you talk to him once you are ready for a fight.
guy in black- he is the shop guy.
guy in red- you talk o him if you want to save
warrior woman: you talk to her to get a haircut.
when you are fighting there are two people on you team; there is you and there is you assistant. you cannot dress you assistant but you can dress yourself.
when you are attacking an enemy the enemy does not move untill you deliver a combo blow or if you get attack or if you decide to move.
when you are being attacked you cannot move, but when one of the enemie attacking you delivers a combo blow then you can move again.

well i hope this helps with your game

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ill add to this--- there are some unlockables:
if you win 15 battles then ere is an alterative intro you can view
if you beat the game once there is god mode
if you beat the game twice then there is a alterative ending.
if you beat the game three time there is double damage

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To easy to beat

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Its easy game.
But its very long game.

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