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Auren's Legacy

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You might find time MHB.Oh,and firetail,no its not.

Auron's Legacy
Chapter 4:Betrayal

Wistala:Mother,can you tell me a story?

Irelia:No,you shall have a lesson.


A lesson was a story about the downfalls of dragons and how to avoid them.Wistala didn't like them one bit.

Irelia:Once,in Silverhigh,the once-great dragon city...


Irelia:What is it,Auron?

Auron:Assasins!*Pant*Dwarves!*Pant*With spears!*Pant-pant*

Irelia:We've been found?No!AuRel went hunting again and Im faint with hunger and the winters been so...

Gobold:Ah,so we've found you at last!

Irelia pulled away a stalactite to reveal a secret passage that led to the Upper World.She put herself so that her hatchlings could escape.


Aurok:No.Ill stay to help.Using feint manuevers.


Aurok:I'm not leaving.

Auron,Wistala,Auren,and Rugaard climbed into the the tunnel.The last sound they heard was the dying cry of Aurok and Irelia.AuRel alighted to the sight of there bodies as the small Band of Hatchling neared the exit.The mind-words 'Betrayed!Wheel of Fire!' coursed through their minds along with a mind-picture of a fortress beside a lake.

Up next, The Upper World


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Auron's Legacy
Chapter 5:The Upper World

They climbed for hours (Or so it seemed) until they came upon a dead end.It wasn't origanally blocked,but it had been blocked by ice.

Auron*** it!*Spits something on the ice*

Wistala:What is THAT?!

Auron:I think Father said something about my foua generating soon...wait...LOOK!

The foua was melting the ice as if it were lit on fire like a full grown dragon's or dragonelle's.


They all tried to spit,with only Auron,Auren,and Rugaard having any success.Finally,after some tail-stikes and foua-spits,the ice melted enough for them to pass.


The vast landscape was covered in snow and a few goats loomed around a tree.

Auren:Hmmm...I feel like I've seen this before...

Auron:Because you HAVE.

Up next Exploration

Oh,here's a list of Drakine words that ill use:

sii(SEE):A dragon's front legs.
saa(SAH):A dragon's back legs.
foua(fow-AH):Liquid from a dragon's fire bladder that bursts into flame when it meets oxygen.

Hope that helps.


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New words:
Uzhin(oo-ZEEN):A dragon related to you on friendly terms
Kazhin(KA-ZEEN):A dragon related to you on unfriendly terms.

Heres the chapter:

Auron's Legacy
Chapter 6:Exploration

Auron:Let's hunt something.

Wistala:I've tried.The goats are afraid of dragon-scent.They run away as soon as I get 20 meters away.

Auren:Hmmmm,last night we found Auron as white as snow,so maybe we can round up the goat toward Auron,colored as rock,so he can pounce.We'll hide his scent with ours.


They got into position and all went as planned except for the fact that some of the stouter-smelling ones found that the dragon-scent was stronger by Auron.But they feasted on 3 young goats.

Auron:Whoo!I want to do that again!

Rugaard:Easy for you to say.Next time,you do the running.

They slept in peace until it was time to go.They left in the night and made it through the mountains to an abandonned courtyard.There lay AuRel,wounded,with carrion birds overhead.


Up next, AuRel's Final Rest!


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OMG!On a..........ROLL!

Auron's Legacy
Chapter 7:AuRel's Final Rest

AuRel:Bartleghaff,have you seen Auron,Wis...



Auron:What happened?

Bartleghaff:Yummy,dragonflesh for all!

Auron:Back up,featherbreath,or I'll scorch ya.

Bartleghaff:Oh please,I know you can't use your foua yet.

Auron:Oh yeah?*looses a jet of flame*Buzz off,buzzard.


Drakossozh:There!You won't escape,dragon!

Bartleghaff:As you wish,young dragon.


Rugaard:C'mon,let's scram.


They had to drag Auron away from AuRel.One hour later,they returned to find AuRel dead.


Auron shot off the rock shooting black flame.It was feighn,magical flame,that of Rage.Along with him,Wistala turned the sky green with seighn,magical flame of Vengeance.Rugaard sent purple-grey into the symphony of flame with his neighn,fire of Fury.
They were avengers,workers of the Elements of War.

Up next, War!


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Auron's Legacy
Chapter 8:War of the Cursed

The Avengers went to Stonequarry,a town under the rule of the Thane.They were 'greeted' by Drakossozh,a slayer of dragons,who had heard of their presence by scouts of his.

Drakkossozh:Aha!Come to destroy Stonequarry,eh?


Avenger Wistala:Feel the Wrath of-

Avenger Rugaard:-the Avengers!


They all attacked him but he blocked with his shield,which,like of his armor,was made of dragonsclae.

Drakossozh:This is not my war,but the residents'.They didn't hire me.But,a parting gift.*Tosses a Cursed Dragon Amulet expertly on Auron's neck.Auron was covered in a black aura,and his eyes and mouth turned to glowing red.

Cursed Avenger Auron:FOOL!I can harness the power of the curse into my own to become stronger!You sowed the seed of your own destruction!DIE!

He spat Cursed feighn at Drakkossozh,and unfortunatly for him,it lit his head on fire.


He jumped into the well but when he came out,the fire was larger.


A kid took a barrel of fertlizer on Drakossozh's head and the fire died.

Drakossozh:You will never win,drake!

With that,he ran into the woods.

Hope you liked it.The 'Up next' thing I discontinued cuz I sometimes change chapter names.


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Umm, No offense whatsoever, but there isn't really a setting. Well, yes there is. But the dragons (or drakes) don't really interact with it. And, it's mostly dialogue, which makes the story a bit tedious at times. It's, good, but not great. If you feel offended, please don't be, as I'm just supplying feedback and not trying to hurt your feelings in any way, shape or form.


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Actually, reading over some of the things that are depicted, it's an amazing world, thought up by someone thinking outside the 'box'. Great universe, but its not exactly told in the greatest of words. Once, no offense whatsoever.


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wow i like it
keep them coming