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Yes, SwitchFoot provides a perfect example of such a "dire situation".

Now, another factor in all of this is the value of companies i.e. bodies of people who provide/channel goods/services. Different countries have different amounts of power (depending on constitution and legislation) over what one can do with such companies.

America, being a highly capitalist nation, is largely the land of privatised companies, and so it is very possible that some Chinese interest may eventually own Starbucks if that's the way the current owners of Starbucks want it.

Foreign interest and outsourcing has been the subject of some debate in other countries such as Australia: Australia has a more regulated capitalism in that there is significant resistance to the privatisation of public companies- which were public (government owned) because they provide infrastructure i.e. goods/services which are integral to our base quality of life i.e. gas, electricity, water, and maybe even telecommunications and media. A few years ago, there was significant debate over whether to sell one of the major Australian telecommunications companies, Telstra. The pros could be summed up as "we need the money, and based on a profit model, they'll have to provide competitive service". The cons were "profit-seeking behavior means they won't act in the best interests of the public."

There's also out-sourcing of jobs, and this discussion then goes into the topic of labor markets.

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i hafta say, i love money. id clean my entire house just for five bucks, i love money so much. im kinda addicted to money. which is scary, cuz i know that money is tha root of all evil. ever since i started gettin my own spendin money i love money too much. it mite actually be makin me evil-ish. i used to never swear, or even call people names, an frowned on any violence. now, i swear more than most ppl on south park, and am a huge resident evil/grand theft auto fan.