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how do i become a moderator

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Posted Apr 4, '08 at 2:40pm



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just how, do i have to get enough armor points or is it just a select group of friends or is there other things u hav to do


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While the website is monitored constantly by the staff, there are several moderators who work the site to make sure that users are not abusing the rules. The moderators are alerted to abuse by users hitting the flag icon next to posts and comments.

The moderators also reserve the right to lock or delete threads in the forums that may be considered abusive. This is at their own interpretations of the rules. If you feel a moderator wrongly acted upon a user, contact John or another administrator. DO NOT create a whole post on it in the forums!

If you would like to become a moderator, you first need to show that you are responsible on the site; show a good posting record and maturity and you may be granted these exclusive rights! We will usually hand pick moderators, but if you feel you have what it take, contact us on the Contact page... we are really, really picky though!

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Thorny, next time questions like these should be posted in the Support and Suggestion forum. Thanks!