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Eridani tips :D

Posted Oct 31, '09 at 11:48am



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The new game Eridani can be hard but fun :P  set your ship count to what you want, i do 20 because i dont like lag, but im thinking 15 or 10 might be better because my xp lags a bit.  anyways, at the beginning, get your ship to a planet nearby, but if the planet near you is small travel to a bigger planet, it DOES make a difference.  put a resorce structure facing close by asteroids so that your mining drones dont have to circle your planet.  here is a think that i LOVE about this game.  the more power you have, the faster your ships are created.  get alot of power supplied, try to get the sector in the top right that says power matrix.  upgrade to tech 2 and upgrade to the matrix.  i love making ships fast and fast creation of VERY powerful ships is a great thing!  if you have a low ship limit set like 5 you will have to destroy your miners or have them attack the enemy and die to make more ships.  i personally like upgrading my lasers so my drones can do more damage but i dont think upgrading lasers helps the attack power of basically anything besides attack drones and miners. :P well enjoy the game! 

A suggestion to the creator, make ships turn faster then they move so that they dont have to circle planets... give the ****s more A.I. :P


Posted Nov 1, '09 at 11:33pm



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Great tips thanks!, but spread it out a bit more, don't have it all bundled up