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Combos for Sonny 2

Posted Jan 6, '10 at 3:50pm



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Retrograde - Nightmare - Implosion for UBER healing

Wraith Form - Shock Therapy - Shock Therapy - Shock Therapy - Electric Storm for UBER damage.


Posted Sep 29, '13 at 5:15am



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For Psycho: High Voltage -> High Voltage -> Shock Coma -> Shock Coma -> High Voltage(unless has another heal buff active) -> Retrograde.
Result: loses 120% health

Also Epiphany -> Confinement -> Insecurity -> Dark Infusion -> Dark Echoes -> Implosion. Pretty tough damage over time plus healing restriction


Posted Sep 29, '13 at 7:47am



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You forgot to add Overdrive as passive. Anyway, 2 Hydraulic combos:
Go all out: Wreck-> Wreck->Decimate->Decimate->Avenger Form->Wreck-> Wreck->Decimate->Decimate for AWESOME damage.
Note:You need 2 wreck and 2 decimate
Freezer: Flash freeze->Some attack->Mind freeze->some attack->Flash freeze->some attack ->etc for a totally helpless enemy
Note: You need 2 flash freeze and 2 mind freeze


Posted Nov 5, '13 at 12:28am



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Trying to do the time bomb at level 24 with a heroic bio solo, where I've done the whole game without shadow blend, I found out that stacking 5 envenoms and then doing 4 agile exposures in a row deals massive damage, because for 3 of those agile exposures you are tripling all the DoT, and also getting double instant damage due to the previous agile exposure.

This was after discovering my new favorite bio combo for use against a single enemy: crystallize whatever whatever infect repeat (need both crystallizes for that)
The enemy has no chance to attack, and yet takes damage. Outside of the psycho high voltage/shock coma/retrograde combo how else can you achieve that? Break can work, but it misses on occasion and is somewhat weak even with buffs, so it isn't perfect. I had the mayor cast team sacrifice on me the only time I missed a break, and I lost the fight. That's when I discovered crystallize/infect.

On a previous solo psycho game I managed to kill every enemy in the game after the first round (not including training my way to level 10) by retrograde, but without using high voltage. Instead I set my speed to be just high enough that I started with initiative, then gave it up via electron charge, and then stacked shock coma (either 2 of them or 1 plus overdrive) retrograde and implosion to OHKO. In certain cases I also needed nerve shock, insecurity, and/or wraith form to line the speeds up right. If I ever do it again I'll do a walkthrough (or more like a cheat sheet). The time bomb was interesting in that case also, because its speed was so low I had to choose either slow kill via retrograde/shock coma/confinement or going into battle completely naked and with both veradux and roald (also naked) to slow me down enough to be able to use electron charge to give the bomb intitiative. That was my first solo so I did a slow kill, as the only exception to using retrograde/implosion.

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