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Posted Apr 7, '08 at 9:35am



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when u go on the community looking for a topic u made but u havent checked in a couple of days it could be anywere imbetween the start and end plus if ur makin a new topic but sure sure if there is already one like it u have to look through and entire say 30 pages for one because if u miss it urs will just egt blocked topic so it would be much easier if there was a search bar and it would reduce a lot of the same topics thus makin the moderators job much easier


Posted Apr 7, '08 at 10:05am



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Well, thorny264...
There is such a search bar.
It is on the top left of your screen, under the armorgames logo.
You need to set it on "Community" search though...

And please, next time you make a topic or post a comment, try to write with good grammar and PUNCTUATION!!
Thanks ^^