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Workign With Buttons

Posted Apr 7, '08 at 11:37pm



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As some of you may know, I'm trying to learn Flash and Action Script right now and I'm currently working with buttons.

I've been following tutorials on newgrounds and Have learned how to use buttons to when you click them take you to different pages and to play or stop the animation.

I've come to trouble though. I've been tryign a simple button right now. On frame 1 I have my button that says "click me" and on frame 2 I have the word "YAY!"

I scripted the button to when it is clicked it takes you to frame 2. But when I try to edit the actionscript for Frame 1 to stop the animation when it reaches that frame, It also changes the button's script to stop on this page as well.

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrogn and How I should go about fixing this problem.

Thanks in advance to those who help me.


Posted Apr 9, '08 at 9:38pm



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Can you please supply the code you are using? It would make it a lot more easier to figure out your problem.


Posted Apr 9, '08 at 9:47pm



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Make sure you have a stop() on frame one. Then the button should have gotoAndStop(2) nested in a on(Release).

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