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Non-Religious People?

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Posted Apr 9, '08 at 2:13am



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So many things I could say...

* Agnosticism isn't necessarily fence-sitting, especially if you're committed to the metaphysical view that it is not possible to discern God, regardless of whether deities 'exist' or not. Like myself...this can be equated to atheism in one sense but does not make that positive ontological committment in the same way that atheism does. Also, I don't want to politically affiliate myself with the atheist movement; I'd even rather people mistake me for being a fence-sitter :P

* Hokojo actually has a nice suggestion, though I would extend this to simply being open and exposing oneself to many teachings while remaining mindful of self. My background is also strongly religious and I have also my share of resentment from bad experiences, but from this I also made sure to foster respect. I still attend Church with family for this reason.

* Mega, I can envisage you becoming the next Martin Luther :P

* Asherlee, that is so wrong. You know what I mean

* Devoidless, there can be a winner in a pissing contest... This post is just going deeper into the gutter. I'm going to stop this right here >.<


Posted Apr 9, '08 at 10:12am



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Strop: You only win if you are R.Kelly.

I have attended a Christian service, a Catholic service, and one Jewish service. Granted two of those three were funerals, it still counts. So no one can try and tell me that I do not know what going to church would be like or the such.


Posted Apr 9, '08 at 11:51am



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Over the years I have attended the services of many different denominations. You see a lot if you don't bow your head when everyone else does.

Hypocrisy, hallowed be thy name.


Posted Apr 9, '08 at 11:55am



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Moe, I have taken a similar path. Though, I will sit in on church to appease my grandmother if she asks me.

Strop, haha....I know. I'm so very wrong like that all the time.


Posted Apr 9, '08 at 12:31pm



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I don't blame you, Moe for hostility towards religions. It is beneficial, though to at least experience the cultural aspects of many religions. Latin masses in some Catholic churches are pretty intriguing. It feels like you are witnessing an ancient, secret ceremony (WooOOOooOOoOoOOoO!!) especially the way old ladies dress, and the way the priest performs his ritual movement. That's only one example, but it speaks to the historical significance of ritual and ceremony, which I still think is pretty cool.